The trends that prevail in the online casino are significantly influenced by trends from other areas, in particular by innovations and trends in gaming. The ringing in of a new generation of consoles will automatically set new casino trends in 2021. Without it, online casinos are more popular than ever before, which is not least due to the mixture of different target groups who fall back on innovative and modern gaming offerings.

A further increase in the number of users in online casinos is also expected for 2021. The fact that more and more players flock to the virtual temples of happiness is no coincidence, but rather a merit of gaming itself, which is becoming more and more socially acceptable, regardless of age and target groups. Next-gen consoles such as the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X will make the coming year a real gaming year with their launch in November and sales for the Christmas season, and games of chance will also benefit from this. Some trends in the online casino are already foreseeable.

Mobile casinos are becoming more relevant

Microsoft is showing how it is by linking Xbox consoles, the “Game Pass” subscription service and cloud streaming: A large part of gaming in the coming year will take place on mobile devices, especially smartphones. The connection between playing on the big screen and gaming on the compact display is essential. Casino operators will also follow this trend and could focus on the user accounts of gamblers and no longer on the end devices. You can see what games and technologies are available in the online casino at read up. The fact is that more and more users are turning to smartphones or tablets when it comes to classic games such as roulette or poker, but slot games are also very popular in the mobile segment. Last but not least, this is due to the performance of smartphones, which can now also use the 5G standard to offer a gaming experience on the go that is otherwise only known on a home computer. What was unthinkable around a decade ago has become standard today: online casinos are controlled on mobile devices - and this trend will continue in 2021.

With the Playstation, Sony has shown what other console manufacturers are currently shy of: You have a cheap entry into the "Virtual Reality " created. VR and AR, i.e. augmented reality, are also gaining in importance as a trend in online casinos. In the coming year there will be new offers that take fans into virtual 3D worlds or concepts that rely on VR live dealers. The big breakthrough with regard to VR casinos will probably not succeed in 2021 either, the distribution of the corresponding hardware is still too low and the devices are currently too expensive.

Online casinos are becoming "more real" with VR and AR.

Online casinos become “real” through VR and AR.

Giving AR is easier to implement and as a technology for an online casino should be an attractive option for providers: In the living room at home, additional content can be displayed or more immersive game situations can be designed that will keep players at the gaming tables longer. Overall, however, such 3D technologies will only make a giant leap with the spread of “virtual reality” - namely when players with glasses and headphones can dare to take a “trip” to the casino. However, even today there are analysts who are attesting to VR gambling good sales in the coming year, some say that more than 200 billion US dollars could be achieved with this gambling technology. So 2021 remains exciting as a trend year.

Popular Free-2-play games have shown how online casino operators will orientate themselves in order to set trends in 2021: Interactive entertainment as a long-term project.

Interactivity increases

Casino games are not only becoming more visually impressive, but also more interactive. That should appeal to younger target groups in particular, who grew up with console games and “free to play” concepts. Slot machines in particular will make a giant leap towards the modern in the coming year. Big brands and themes can be found in the slots as well as new game ideas that focus on long-term entertainment formats. The days of boring standard slots will then be over; ideas will take their place that significantly increase players' “engagement”: through more opportunities for interaction, more variable game concepts and continuous entertainment, in which slots are also allowed to “tell stories” from time to time.

As a direct result, networking and the Internet itself will continue to have a major impact on casino innovations. Operators can feed their games with content in real time to motivate players. Because games are also becoming more beginner-friendly, veterans can also take advantage of new technologies. Always associating gaming with youth is no longer correct. Game behavior has changed, also due to increasingly modern consoles and game systems: Gamers expect complexity, but at the same time appreciate simple user interfaces or "simple modes" that can be played in between. Clouds, in which scores or data can be saved and then used on various end devices, will also find their way into online casinos and establish themselves as a trend in the long term. In any case, personalized content is likely to gain noticeably in importance.

Because gaming in 2021 will mainly be mobile, smartwatches will also become essential gaming platforms for casino operators: iGaming on the wrist is something that will be pushed further in the coming year. Access to online offers that can be used to generate a lot of fun with just a few interactions, such as themed slots, is greatly facilitated by smartwatches. At the same time, this makes players more independent and not tied to their location. Online casinos will gradually replace their physical counterparts. In 2021, you will be able to play anywhere and anytime - without having to buy extra high-tech devices. They have been in households for a long time.