This week three new titles have started in the game forge. Already presented in the last update to the game forge, Dungeon Drop started on Tuesday. Two other titles have also started in the past few days. Both are animal.

It's only for a few hours Explorers of the Woodlands available. It has achieved its goal for a long time and is currently at almost 275%. Has more than five times the original target Furnace: interbellum collected. The project is still available for five days in the game forge. Mind MGMT is still in crowdfunding for 18 days and will soon have tripled his goal. One day longer Dice Throne: Adventures in the forge. This project is also already fully funded and stands at 140%. Another day is Dungeon drop available. which has already exceeded its target by 10%. loaded is also securely financed with almost 150% 25 days before the end of the financing period.

Farm Club - Take over the farm

The farmer is gone and now it's up to the players to take over the farm. The rules of the newcomer in the game forge are quickly summarized.

In each of the nine rounds you choose an animal and a target from the open display. Once per game you can also choose an animal from the executive floor. The animals are placed on their own farm. The animal of the executive floor goes in the middle. The others are placed around the center. There are goals that you can fulfill during the game and goals that are scored at the end.

You get a bird tile when you place the correct animal on a corresponding space or complete one of the tasks in the given order. These can be used to exchange animals or goals in the public display or to change the arrangement on your own farm. In addition, they bring you a point at the end of the game.

The person who has collected the most points with targets and birds at the end wins. Farm Club is a game for 2-5 people aged 8+. The playing time is about 20 minutes. Those interested can still play the game for 32 days here support. It is currently half funded.

Day 6 - Give evolution a helping hand

The "little fine ones" go into the season finale. The 6th day is a solo game in which you cross animals with each other. Over four generations, it is the task of the solo player to build up the most valuable animal collection possible.

All 18 animal cards are shuffled and the first blue, green and yellow cards are placed in the middle. The remaining cards form the deck. Each turn involves the top three cards of the deck. Once you have looked at them, you can choose: evolutionary pause or mating. During the evolution pause, one of the three hand cards is placed in the center and one of the card from the center is placed on the bottom of the deck.

When pairing, the cards dictate the requirements. One of the paired cards is turned according to the arrow printed on it and placed under the deck. If it also shows an exclamation mark, this card cannot be further developed and scores safe points at the end of the game. Such cards are set aside and not returned to the deck. The unturned card of the pairing stays in the middle, and one of the cards already there goes under the deck. After four rounds, the points earned are counted.

Another variant is the rabbit. It can mess up the plans. In this variant, two rounds are played. The rabbit is only used in the second round. The aim is to score more points with the rabbit than in the previous round.

The beat-your-own-score solo game The 6th day is recommended for ages 8 and up and lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. The last game of the fourth season of "Little Fine Ones" can here be supported for two weeks.

New game forge t-shirts

Also this year there is a blacksmith T-shirt. This year, for the 10th anniversary, it shows the game smith in the center. As in the previous year, the shirts come from sustainable and fair production. The unisex sizes range from XS to XXXL. Anyone who would like to secure one of the T-shirts expected to be available from September can do so here do for 18 more days.


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