With the independent base game The Cartographer and the expansion for The Cartographer and The Cartographer, Unknown Lands, the end of the game can now go on an expedition in the lands of Queen Gimnax again. In addition, Pegasus Games recently released an expansion for the family-friendly Flip & Write game Trails of Tucana with Trails of Tucana: The Ferries. This is announced by the publisher Pegasus Spiele.

The Flip & Write game The Cartographer by John Brieger and Jordy Adan seamlessly ties in with Der Kartograph, which was nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020. While the players in The Cartographer have mapped the northern realms in the kingdom of Nalos, they are now sent to the western parts of the country.

A trip to the west

But war is raging there and the Dragul armed forces are doing everything in their power to crush the expedition. Fortunately, the players now have heroes at their side who can fight the monsters. While the basic gameplay of Der Kartograph - uncover the map, draw the shape shown on your own landscape plan - has remained the same, new land, scoring, exploration and ambush maps with unique abilities provide for fans of Der Kartograph and Flip & Write games alike long-lasting fun. The Cartographer is an independent basic game, but can also be combined with The Cartographer for even more variation. The cartographer is ideal for large game groups of up to 100 players from the age of ten, but also has a varied solo mode.

Also recently released is the Unknown Lands expansion. This can be combined with both Die Kartographin and Der Kartograph. Three modules, each with two new maps and three new cards, introduce new rules and allow players to explore completely new ways. In Nebblis, the players end up in a dangerous volcanic plain, where parts of the landscape are destroyed. In Affril, players must muster all their courage to explore small islands that appear behind a magical rift, and in Lower City, only a good sense of direction helps cartographers in the winding labyrinth under Nalos' capital, Sabek.

The islands of Trails of Tucana are a bit quieter, but no less exciting. With Trails of Tucana: The Ferry, an expansion for the family game for one to eight players aged eight and over has recently been released. The expansion includes two new island maps, Isla Bahía and Isla Habita, as well as a replacement block for the base game. On the new islands, ferries help gamers overcome dangerous stretches of sea. Three additional villages on Isla Bahía offer new challenges. The three new Flip & Write titles are now available from specialist retailers.

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