Pegasus Spiele has added two more board games to its portfolio as new products: Million Dollar Script from Portal Games and the family game Kameloot. 

The players in the two recently released innovations in the Pegasus Spiele publishing program need sparkling ideas and trading skills: The team game Million Dollar Script from Portal Games, exclusively distributed by Pegasus Spiele, and the family card game Kameloot are not only suitable for large rounds of games, but promise the players also fame and fortune - at least until the end of the game.

For adventurers and film buffs

Budding screenwriters can use Million Dollar Script to develop creative script ideas in the living room at home before they try it at the Hollywood studios. In the game itself, however, the players are much further along, as they have been invited by a high-ranking producer to come up with their script ideas.

The fun game by director, screenplay and game author Daniel Stamm is aimed at three to ten players aged 14 and over who are interested in creative fun and exciting stories. The card game is played with two teams and is ideal for large game groups. Both teams work simultaneously over five rounds to develop script ideas for five different sections of the next hit movie. For this purpose, the producer presents a challenge at the beginning of each round, i.e. a section of the film and two questions. Both teams then have time to consult and discuss the presentation before they each finally have the opportunity to convince the producer of their ideas in 90 seconds. The team that succeeded in doing this best at the end of the five rounds will receive the coveted assignment as well as fame and honor.

In the family game Kameloot, the players end up in the world of adventure. But even going on an adventure hunt is far too dangerous. On the other hand, it is far more lucrative to roam the two taverns in Kameloot as shrewd merchants and sell magical items to adventurers. And so three to six players aged eight and over compete in the family game by the quartet of writers Cedric NH, Gregory Grard, Mathieu Roussel and Frederic Boulle to accumulate the most gold. But in order to be able to offer a magical item, the players often need the help of the other dealers, because an item is only complete when a certain number of cards of its type are on display.

The other merchants also want to be rewarded for their help. And so the proceeds must always be divided among all the traders in the tavern - whether they contributed something or not. In order to go home with the most gold in their pockets at the end of the day, the players not only have to cleverly play their item cards, each of which has its own effect, but also cleverly switch from tavern to tavern. Kameloot impresses with its short duration of 15 to 30 minutes, a fantastic competition for the most gold and high interaction. It is therefore not only suitable for a fun family game evening, but is also suitable for those who play a lot for a round in between.


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