The Moses Verlag has a number of innovations in its luggage for the upcoming SPIEL'21. Usually the publisher's program is designed for quick fun with fun and guessing games. This autumn it is no different: In Moses' portfolio you can find some well-known brands, but also new ideas. In particular, the continuation of the QuizScape series could find numerous fans.

The Moses publishing house is taking part in the first SPIEL of the post-corona era this year - although the pandemic situation is far from over, but it is more relaxed. The publishing house will set up its stand in Hall 3 at location M115.

Moses novelties: bar quizzes to escape gaming

Overall, the number of innovations is manageable, including mainly classics: The family-friendly edition of the pub quiz not only tests general knowledge, but also how well the players know each other - according to Moses, “ideal for a (digital) game evening ”.

Another highlight of the publisher's novelty games is “QUIZscape - The Golden Letter”, the second part of the QUIZscape series. The idea is well received by players: Arno Steinwender's special concept combines quiz questions with escape puzzles and takes players on three exciting journeys through time: to medieval Mainz to Johannes Gutenberg, on the traces of Casanova to Venice of the 18th century and to the United States States where the manned lunar mission is in danger.

You can puzzle and guess. Image: Moses Verlag

You can puzzle and guess. Image: Moses Verlag

“Seafaring into the Unknown”, a new escape game in card format in the tried and tested slipcase, also provides an escape feeling. Numerous riddles, puzzles and number codes have to be cracked by the players in order to break free from the historic sailing ship Enigma.

The Roll & Write game “Namaste” is also in the Schuberschachtel: dice fun with strategy, speed and balance. Those who cleverly fill in the numbers rolled receive valuable lucky points. Bad karma - useless dice results - brings you minus points.

Word acrobats and quick thinkers can expect clever fun with “Picture Points” and “Salto Wortale”. While in “Picture Points” the players have to draw the terms they are looking for in as much detail as possible within a short period of time, in “Salto Wortale” certain categories have to be filled with words that are contained in the long puzzle word.

And then there are also new products from a series that you can hardly imagine the Moses-Verlag without: “For“ Black stories ”and“ Black stories Junior ”we have two new, exciting editions”, they say happily. You can try out all the new products at the upcoming one GAME'21 in Essen on his way back to Berlin.

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Tierra del Fuego Games 19 - Gloomhaven Tierra del Fuego Games 19 - Gloomhaven * 142,94 EUR


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