The US publisher USAopoly, or "The Op" for short, is launching a Disney offshoot of Steve Jackson's Munchkin. Fans can then descend into the dungeons with Mouse House characters, fight well-known villains from the Disney universe and bag a lot of loot. Munchkin: Disney is due to appear in the fall of this year, not localized for the German market, but still available. USAopoly itself sells board games in German online shops. The price for the satirical mouse house crawler: around 22 euros.

Steve Jackson Games and "The Op" are cooperating on a new Munchkin offshoot and relying on the Disney license. The basic principle of the card-driven dungeon crawler with the very special humor remains unchanged.

Munchkin: Disney will be released this fall

After Munchkin: Ducktales USAopoly processes the license again and now combines 90 years of mouse-house magic in one box. Also Munchkin: Disney stays true to the line of the series. Players compete against each other in order to reach the tenth character level as quickly as possible. This is achieved by penetrating deeper and deeper into the dungeon with your hero, fighting more or less dangerous monsters - among other things with the support of fellow players or against their resistance - and grabbing a lot of loot.

Each turn begins with the active player having to enter the door to the dungeon, i.e. drawing a card. If a monster appears, fight or flee is taken. In any case, these are the moments when opponents are called to intervene to help - of course to gain advantages for themselves - or to let go of a wave of harmful magic. For defeated monsters there is not only a hail of loot, but also level increases.

Characters, loot and spells are based on Disney works. Copyright: USAopoly

Characters, loot and spells are based on Disney works. Copyright: USAopoly

The simple basic rules can be learned quickly. Munchkin: Disney remains a highly interactive game that lives not least from the nasty chains of intervention of fellow players and opponents. The license allows the fantasy role-playing game to be enriched with all those iconic characters that Disney stands for. At the same time, John Kovalic's unique style is being replaced by charming Disney illustrations. These include allies like Elsa from Disney's Frozen, but also villains like Jafar from Aladdin or Ursula, the villain in Disney's masterpiece Ariel, the mermaid.

The spells used in the game are also based on the countless Disney films. In addition, there is a new game mechanics that takes a bit of getting used to, but is at least suitable for a Disney: Players can obtain rewards by singing or humping a certain song from the Disney universe.

It will contain a die, six trackers, six role cards and 168 adventure cards. A game lasts around 60 to 90 minutes and is aimed at three to six players, ages ten and up. Munchkin: Disney isn't the first licensed adaptation of Steve Jackson's satirical dungeon crawler. Previously implemented, among other things, offshoots for Warhammer 40.000, Harry Potter or Marvel.

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