Zombie Cure Lab, the city building game from publisher Aerosoft and developers Thera Bytes, is out today in Steam Early Access for PC.

Zombie Cure Lab is available today as an early access version via Steam for the PC at a price of 24,99 euros. Thanks to a time-limited discount of 20 percent, players who decide quickly can get the title for just EUR 19,99. The title is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

Game development with government funding

In Zombie Cure Lab, the world is about to end after a zombie apocalypse. A brave group of scientists researches an antiserum in the Canadian wilderness. To do this, a laboratory for healing zombies is built to save humanity. Therapy from zombie to human occurs in wards and creates intermediate beings, the humbies.

The first step in dezombification is accomplished by setting traps to capture attacking zombies. However, the entire laboratory facility must be defended against the attacking zombies every night. If zombies invade, they can quickly ruin the whole project. To reverse the infection, captured zombies are treated in the lab. Each successful treatment brings the team one step closer to the ultimate cure. In addition, the newly created zombie-human hybrids - affectionately known as humbies - represent invaluable workers who support the scientists and, for example, collect much-needed resources.

The player manages both the scientists and the newly converted Humbies. In order for research to run smoothly in the laboratory, the main thing is to keep the workforce happy. This requires, among other things, kitchens, food, recreation rooms and complex production chains. As the game progresses, the player can unlock advanced technologies to capture the zombies even more effectively. Once the zombies have been transformed into humbies, it is imperative that the player keep an eye on the humbies' needs lest their old murderous instincts resurface.

"Zombie Cure Lab is like no other title," says Maarten Janello, Product Manager at Aerosoft. "In Zombie Cure Lab, players explore a world overrun by zombies, but it doesn't lead to mindless carnage, but rather a strategic positive challenge in a graphically charming world."

The development of Zombie Cure Lab is funded by the FFF Bayern with funds from the Free State of Bavaria.

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