A new update has appeared in the MMORPG New World by Amazon Games. The update brings with it a new endgame feature called Expedition Mutators. There are also balancing changes, improved drop rates, new equipment and resources, and quality-of-life changes.

Expedition mutators offer a greater challenge, with even better rewards for players. The mutators alter "normal" and "named" enemies that players encounter in New World's Expeditions. This increases the complexity and unpredictability of enemies.

New World: What's new in January

New personalized equipment and resources also offer players even more ways to increase their Power Level. Each week there are unique combinations of Expeditions and Mutators. Players fight their way through ever-increasing levels of difficulty.

In addition to the Expedition Mutators, there are additional Spirit Shrines, lower costs for fast travel and balancing changes, and other new features:

  • Shadow Shards: This update introduces the Shadow Shards - a mysterious and powerful resource that allows players to upgrade gear from 590 Armor up to 625 Armor. Shadow Shards can be obtained by completing mutation expeditions, by crafting 600 armor items if the proficiency is also 600, or by opening Gypsum Casts if the proficiency is also 600.
  • fast travel costs: The new version also includes an update that greatly reduces the distance factor in the calculation of Azoths per trip. Six additional Spirit Shrines will also be added, allowing players to travel the map faster.

The full patch notes are here. available.


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