Amazon Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming MMORPG New World. The two-minute video introduces the island of Aeternum - including its dangers and adventures. The new MMO has a release date: New World should appear on August 31, 2021. 

New World is an open world MMO from Amazon Games. Players are transported into the eerie wilderness of the island of Aeternum. Success in New World depends not only on defeating rival players, but also on conquering the island itself, the undead legion unleashed on the players in order to drive them off its shores at all costs.

New World: Summer release

Actually, New World should have been released in May, but the game's release was postponed until summer - more precisely: it should start on August 31, 2021. Instead of relying on a free-2-play model with subscription, as is the case with many new IPs, Amazon Games offers the MMORPG as a buy-2-play game. You will have to purchase the title once as a full-price game, but you can then play without a monthly subscription. The game costs 40 euros or the deluxe version 50 euros and can already be pre-ordered.

Basically, New World is an open-world MMO that relies on a sandbox concept. In first or third person view you control your character through Aeternum and initially level up to the preliminary maximum level of 60. The start is classic: as a good-for-nothing you land on a beach, from there the adventure begins.


It's basically about completing quests, but also about crafting or area control. Regarding the battles, you compete against both AI monsters and other human players in PvP. A highlight: There will be no fixed target system, players have to aim at the opponent themselves - the familiar tab-through is not an option. Otherwise, New World picks up on many well-known factors from current MMOs, such as character values ​​or various professional skills.

In addition, New World will offer something from the start that other MMORPGs often do without or only implement later: Housing. Players will be able to buy and furnish apartments.

The MMO from Amazon Games is set on the island of Aeternum featured in the video trailer, which is a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. New World was first announced in 2016 as one of three games from the developer studio: Breakaway, Crucible, and New World. New World is the only one of the three titles that will actually appear. Both the team breawler Breakaway (2018) and the shooter Crucible (2020) have been discontinued.

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