New World, the new MMORG for PC from Amazon Games, has entered the closed beta. Beta testing will now run until August 2nd and will allow players to explore the mysterious island of Aeternum before launch on August 31st. Pre-orderers are automatically included, otherwise applications for the further beta phase are possible.

The New World closed beta is open to all pre-orderers. The game can be pre-ordered on or Steam. The Standard Edition of New World is available for 39,99 euros, the Deluxe Edition for 49,99 euros. There are no monthly subscription fees. Players can also apply online and, with a bit of luck, be selected for the closed beta - you can register with your personal Amazon account, for example.

New World features sieges, expeditions, and more

New World is an open-world MMORPG that takes players into the eerie wilderness of the mysterious island of Aeternum during the Early Age of Discovery. Success in New World doesn't just depend on defeating rival players. It is also a matter of conquering the island itself, which unleashes undead legions on the players in order to drive them off its shores at all costs.

As exciting as the MMORPG could be, the fact that New World is one of those current games from Amazon Games that has not been canceled - unlike Intensity or Breakaway, for example.

Huge siege battles, daring expeditions, gripping supernatural invasions and a breathtaking and varied setting are the trademarks of New World. The new trailer offers a foretaste:


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During the closed beta, some fearless streamers lead their teams in the Battle for New World. Twitch streamers Gronkh, JoshOG, Naguura, Sacriel, Smashley and Zerator battle for control of Aeternum by completing quests and collecting points for their teams. All members of the winning team will receive 100 copies of New World for their community as well as a special Twitch drop for their channels for the launch of New World on August 31st.

Closed beta participants embark on Aeternum, a large, magical island that captivates explorers from all over the world. New World offers a variety of PvE and PvP content including:

  • Expeditions: Instanced dungeons for five players that lead to the most distant corners and deepest abysses of Aeternum. Here the adventurers have to face deadly opponents and uncover the island's secrets.
  • War: Epic sieges of massive proportions with 100 players simultaneously on a battlefield. The outcome of every war determines which company will rule the countries, settlements and ultimately the resources for which the fights have taken place.
  • Outpost Onslaught: Teams of 20 players from two warring factions battle for control of outposts and resources in this highly instanced mode that combines PvE and PvP.
  • Invasions: The corrupt armies of Aeternum attack the areas controlled by the players - groups of 50 players at the highest level confront them and fight the waves of opponents.

The battles in New World are intense and depend on the skills of each individual player. Positioning, timing and targeting are of paramount importance both against the island itself and against other players. Thanks to classless progress, in which the fighting style is tied to the weapon, as well as a complex crafting system, everyone can experience New World in their own way - whether you become the best blacksmith on the server or make a name for yourself as a brave warrior.

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New World: Deluxe Edition New World: Deluxe Edition* 49,99 EUR


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