Vital Lacerda is known for his complex games. After Bot Factory recently reduced the complexity a bit, the new board game Inventions seems to offer the usual high level of complexity again. 

There are some names that cannot be ignored in the world of complex board games. One of them is definitely Vital Lacerda. With On Mars, Kanban EV or Lisboa the Portuguese has created some of the best expert games. His games are almost inextricably linked to Eagle-Gryphon Games and Ian O'Toole, who is responsible for the artwork.

Inventions: Evolution of Ideas

What is the novelty about? The title is as meaningful as it is meaningless.
Ideas and inventions are the engine of human development. The players pursue the most outstanding inventions in human history. These are found as cards in the hands. Through them, one's own society develops over the generations.

Every idea can lead to an invention, which in turn can be shared with everyone. Sharing benefits everyone involved in the invention and also increases its effectiveness. Society develops and technologies, economy and culture grow.
Worker placement and point-to-point movement are listed at BGG as mechanisms. More details on the process will only be known at a later date when the rules are also published.

The progress of each civilization is measured in IP (invention points). The goal is of course to collect the most of them.

Many Lacerda titles have been published in German by Skellig Games. Nothing is currently known about a German version.

Inventions: Evolution of Ideas is a game for 2-4 people. However, since many Lacerda games will have a solo mode at a later point in time in development, the 2 can also become a 1. The playing time is given as 120-150 minutes.

An exact release date is currently unknown. The game is expected to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2023.

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