Deck of Ashes is a video game based on an open world deck building idea. The title is being developed by the indie developer Ay Games. Deck of Ashes will be the first game release from the Russian studio. The release as part of the Early Access for PC Steam is planned for April 2019.

RPG with deck building

Deck of Ashes is a story-heavy RPG with deck building that will enter Early Access on Steam in April. The game is turn-based, works with procedurally generated worlds and a unique trick: The players explore the world in search of cards in order to put together a strong deck of unscrupulous anti-heroes.

The features of Deck of Ashes at a glance :

● Build powerful decks: Only those who master the art of putting together the right cards can use unbeatable decks with brutal combos and deadly effects.

● Dark and eerily beautiful surroundings: In the cursed world of Deck of Ashes, death lurks in every shadow.

● Numerous biomes with unique monsters: Each area of ​​the hand-painted world has its own rules, its own graphics and its own horrors.

● Always new: With every new game the world changes and shows the unsuspecting adventurer a completely new, but no less cruel side.

● No mercy: every mistake means death - and death is forever. 

The monsters and the enemies get nastier from fight to fight until the ash curse waits at the end. But be careful: Deck of Ashes is a roguelite with permadeath; wrong decisions can have fatal consequences.

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