Iron Wolf Studios and Daedalic Entertainment invite you to the submarine hunt: In the new simulation Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, players take control of an American submarine destroyer in the era of World War II.

In order to track down and destroy the enemy submarines, it requires precise work on faithfully reproduced ship equipment, as well as navigational skills and leadership potential. Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is a must-have title for sim veterans and fans of history games and is coming to Early Access on September 28th on Steam.

World War II simulation

In Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, players will immerse themselves in an immersive simulation with a World War II setting as the captain of a Fletcher-class destroyer. You thus assume responsibility for all the critical tasks of a group of submarine destroyers.

Certain tasks can be automated to focus on what's important, but all actions can also be performed manually. These include e.g. B. identifying enemy ships in the distance, analyzing their expected route, and positioning and commanding your own forces to intercept and engage the enemy. Players take complete control of their destroyer and take whatever action is necessary to protect their familiar convoy.


  • A salute from the past: The most realistic and comprehensive submarine warfare simulation on the market with a WWII setting.
  • Impressive Realism: Players take full control of a Fletcher class destroyer with authentic gadgets and procedures.
  • Finding your bearings: U-boats have to be tracked down with the help of drawing tables and special screens that have been faithfully reproduced in detail, and their maneuvers have to be analysed
  • Full Immersion: Simulation veterans can engage in custom-tailored engagements with a limited view of the battlefield.
  • Skill Test: Command a submarine destroyer and master the tactical challenge of commanding a squad of escort ships to defend the convoy from merciless AI attacks.

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter was tailor-made for seasoned simulation veterans looking for the most realistic experience on the market. The game puts you in control of a fully equipped warship with a limited overview of the battlefield. Players use authentic instruments and a suite of actions to seek out and destroy enemy submarines. Navigation devices, drafting tables, radars, battle stations and more possess a level of complexity and detail that ensures a level of immersion rarely seen in the genre.

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter will be available on Steam Early Access for PC on September 28th.


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