With The Medium, the Bloober Team is developing its next horror video game, which is now available for pre-order for Xbox Series X and PC Steam. A new trailer not only spreads a scary mood, but also introduces the main opponent of the title, Hellmouth. The game is slated to be released around Christmas this year.

The Bloober team as the developer of The Medium, the psychological horror video game with “dual reality” twist, shows in a new trailer what fans can expect from the atmosphere. Under the title “It Came From the Rage”, the film snippet reveals more about the dark origins of Hellmouth, the game's nightmarish main opponent. The antagonist is spoken by Troy Baker, who was involved in titles such as BioShock Infinite or in games in the Arkham series. Also exciting: The video for The Medium introduces “Mourning”, a mysterious, masked girl who lives in the abandoned Niwa Hotel.

The Medium: Psychological horror in two worlds

As if Hellmouth and a masked, one-armed psycho girl weren't creepy enough, the Bloober team also presents "The Gift": You can see Marianne, the medium of history, how she prepares her supernatural abilities - against the background of the material and the Ghost world that you can enter at the same time, the latter is the real highlight of the new horror game and what the developers call “dual reality”.

Beware of psychological horror. Headphones on and look in the dark:

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The Medium is Bloober Team's biggest project to date. The game allows the player to explore both realities at the same time and thus uncover a dark secret. In addition to the classic horror gameplay, riddles and puzzles are also offered. The Bloober Team can find horror evidence, fans find in games like Blair Witch, Observer and Layers of Fear, which are also made by the Polish development team.

The game comes up with a gruesome and atmospheric soundtrack created by the Japanese producer and composer Akira Yamaoka - he created the sounds for Silent Hill almost single-handedly - together with Arkadiusz Reikowski from the Bloober team. An exclusive first piece can now be found on Downloaded from Steam .

The game can already be pre-ordered for PC-Steam and Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, currently at a discount of ten percent. The release is planned for the Christmas season.

Preview Product Rating Price
Xbox series s Xbox Series S* 258,32 EUR


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