Today Bungie released a trailer for the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, showing off some of the weapons and armor Guardians can obtain in Lightfall.

The trailer also shows off some new strand terms like tangles, which are bundles of quantum strands left behind when enemies are decomposed. These tangles are used by players who use the strand to weave objects and creatures, or for other weapon-related purposes.


More details on the new weapons and armor featured in the trailer can be found here:

  •  Final Warning - This String Pistol fires homing projectiles that seek out nearby enemies.
  • Deterministic Chaos – A Void machine gun that rhythmically weakens enemies when fired.
  • Winter's Bite – An Exotic Stasis Glaive that freezes enemies on contact with Frost Shockwaves, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
  • Cyrtarachne's Facade - This Exotic Helm offers additional protection, as hunters gain armor and flinch resistance while shimmying.
  • Hover Leap – When Titans use their barricade with this Exotic Leg Armor, it spawns homing projectiles that bind enemies and grant armor to the wearer.
  • Swarmer – This new Exotic Leg Armor allows Warlocks to create a Thread that will infest and attack enemies after they destroy a Tangle.

The trailer also shows off the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst upgrade, where kills from Exotic Auto Rifle grenades create strand tangles that can be thrown at enemies. Quicksilver Storm is now available to all Guardians who pre-order Lightfall.

Today, players can still relive the Season of the Seraph and moments of triumph to prepare for the next chapter in the Light and Darkness saga in Destiny 2: Lightfall, coming February 28, 2023.

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