Fortnite can now also be streamed completely free of charge and no longer just played. In partnership with Epic Games, the battle royale shooter is the first free-to-play title available with Xbox Cloud Gaming. In the future, players will be able to play the title via the cloud on iOS devices, Android phones or tablets and Windows PC via the browser.

Xbox' cloud gaming division is growing - this time with a bona fide premiere of one of the most popular video games ever: Fortnite. Fortnite via cloud gaming is available in 26 countries - you need a Microsoft account and iOS, iPadOS, an Android device or a Windows PC with internet access to use it.

Fortnite: play without installation

Nothing will change for long-time Fortnite players, but the cloud gaming feature has one pretty big advantage: fans can play it with no installation and no additional membership at The title works with Native Touch Control as well as supported controllers. It is also possible to gamble on older devices – anywhere you can access the Internet.

Cloud gaming at Xbox is constantly evolving. More than ten million people worldwide have now played games via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) in Xbox Game Pass. Cloud Gaming users live in 26 countries and play on more than 6.000 different devices - from various Android devices and PCs to iPhones of all generations.

On average, Xbox Game Pass users discover and play almost twice as many titles with cloud gaming as non-cloud members. This could also be another advantage for Fortnite, because there is the possibility of opening up new target groups. After all, you can now simply try out the Battle Royale shooter in between without having to wait for downloads and installations. And, on average, the number of users playing games with touch controls doubled. 20 percent of Xbox Cloud Gaming users use touch controls exclusively.

Microsoft recently proved that this concept works for popular games: titles with high performance requirements can be played on numerous platforms - in March, the Microsoft Flight Simulator was the most played cloud title on smartphones, tablets, PCs and consoles. Hardware hunger does not know the cloud, at least not on the player side.

Since the launch of Cloud Gaming, Xbox has partnered with over 125 studios and cloud-enabled more than 350 games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog - more than 150 cloud-enabled titles support touch controls.


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