Logitech For Creators, a Logitech brand extension dedicated to helping creators and streamers pursue their passion, introduces two new products that elevate the personal streaming experience to a professional level: the Blue Sona active dynamic XLR broadcast microphone and the Litra Beam streaming light.

Logitech Blue Sona is an active dynamic XLR microphone with ClearAmp technology that is designed to deliver an exceptional studio-quality sound experience. The Logitech Litra Beam is a powerful streaming light with TrueSoft technology that achieves high-quality lighting effects. Both solutions offer content creators new opportunities to unleash their creativity.

G502 as basis for new model

Logitech For Creators reinvents the classic broadcast mic for streamers and creators. Blue Sona offers the usual high-quality audio quality of Blue microphones and combines innovative technology with a practical design for professional streaming and podcast sessions.

"The new Blue Sona is designed with creators in mind," said Soren Pedersen, senior product manager at Logitech For Creators. "From the built-in preamp to its sleek, camera-ready design, Blue Sona has everything you need in a top-notch XLR microphone."
Blue Sona features ClearAmp technology, which optimizes the XLR experience with a targeted +25 dB of gain. An additional microphone amplifier is therefore no longer required. The Mikron's features also include a double-diaphragm capsule and a special super-cardioid polar pattern that puts the creator's voice in the spotlight while at the same time dampening ambient noise such as unwanted vibrations or key clicks. The technical equipment is supplemented by a bracket that can be swiveled by 290 degrees, with which the microphone can be freely positioned in the streaming area.

in XLR connector allows seamless connection to audio interfaces and external mixers for fine-tuning the sound. Sleek and versatile, the Blue Sona is available in Graphite and Off-White colors and features interchangeable Red and Graphite front lenses for a camera-ready look.

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Logitech Litra Glow Premium LED streaming light with TrueSoft -... Logitech Litra Glow Premium LED streaming light with TrueSoft -... * Currently no reviews 63,35 EUR

With Litra Beam, creatives can control and change the impact of their content using light alone. The innovative Beam design, with a three-way adjustable stand with height, tilt and swivel functions, offers great flexibility in the right positioning to shape and direct the incoming light. Creators can easily create the mood they want by incorporating one or more Litra Beam models into their setup. A range of professional lighting options such as Front, Split, Butterfly and Rembrandt help with the adjustment.

More balanced LED lighting

"Digital content is becoming more cinematic in its presentation," said Arnaud Perret-Gentil, senior global product lead at Logitech For Creators. “We developed Litra Beam to offer more than just balanced LED lighting. Rather, we want to enable creators and streamers to shape their personal lighting backdrop according to their own ideas and use it to express their content.”

Before or during their stream, creators can fine-tune their lighting with Litra Beam. You can use the buttons on the back of the streaming light to choose from five different brightness and color temperature settings. For continuous adjustment in the range of 2700K-6500K, creators only have to press and hold the buttons accordingly. For even more flexibility and convenience, the Logitech G HUB desktop app can be used to manage Litra Beam with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, the G HUB gives creators full control over all of Logitech's streaming and gaming products, including the Litra Glow, Blue's Yeti microphones, and the entire Logitech G portfolio.

Litra Beam removes typical hurdles that streamers and creators encounter again and again. Proprietary TrueSoft technology delivers balanced, full-spectrum LED light with precise color accuracy for a naturally radiant complexion on all skin tones. The frameless diffuser, which is certified for all-day streaming sessions and meets even the strictest UL testing guidelines, emits a wide light to avoid harsh shadows. Its sleek design and support for USB and AC outlets make it easier than ever to bring professional lighting effects to where creators want them most.

Blue Sona and Litra Beam will be available from September 28 at RRPs of €349 and €119 respectively. 

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