New State Mobile: The July update brings a new Team Deathmatch map, a revamped version of Troi Extreme, and other new additions to the Exhibition Hall. The update is available now for Android and iOS and includes the new Team Deathmatch map, the MP-155 Ultima 12-gauge shotgun, a new Survivor Pass, and more.

KRAFTON today announced the July update for NEW STATE MOBILE is available on Android and iOS. This update introduces the new Team Deathmatch Exhibit Hall map, the new MP-155 Ultima shotgun, additional weapon customization options, Vol. 9 of Survivor Pass, and an overhaul of Troi Extreme mode.

  • “Exhibition Hall” Team Deathmatch Map: Designed specifically for Team Deathmatch mode, this new map is modeled after the exhibition hall of the Troi map. Team Deathmatch players compete with a total of four players against another team of four. The team that gets 40 kills first wins the match. When a player dies, they don't respawn in a fixed location, but randomly return to one of 10 possible locations on the map.
  • MP-155 Ultima + Customization Options: The new MP-155 Ultima is a 12-gauge shotgun that offers an immediate advantage in close-quarters combat with its explosive and instantaneous firepower. Various attachments can be attached to the weapon, including a scope, barrel, and stock attachments for additional damage and control. New weapon customization options allow players to add a full-auto trigger to the Ultima's C1 customization slot to increase rate of fire at the expense of vertical recoil control. An upgraded suppressor on the SKS' C2 customization slot, increases damage and noise suppression at the expense of recoil control and the loss of a muzzle attachment. Finally, the AKM can now be equipped with a grenade launcher when the grip slot is open through weapon customization.
  • Survivor Pass Vol 9: The July update introduces a new Survivor Pass centered around Honey Becca from the NEW STATE-Group in NEW STATE who also appears in the Troi vacation episode. By completing all story missions, players can get all of Honey's costumes and face skins for free. Players who upgrade to a Premium Pass can receive the Choco Vanilla costume set, additional exclusive rewards, and faster leveling.
  • Revision of Troi Extreme: Based on community feedback, some changes have been made in Troi Extreme. This will speed up the overall pace of the blue zone, cutting the length of each match by two minutes. Furthermore, the existing Air-Drops will be replaced by Multi-Drops. Also, the items players receive upon entering Troi Extreme have been changed.

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