Krafton has released the June update for New State Mobile on Android and iOS. This update kicks off the battle royale game's collaboration with LINE FRIENDS, a global brand featuring popular characters such as BROWN, CONY, and SALLY, whose various themed content players can now experience in-game.

The LINE FRIENDS co-op is available until July 21st. The June update also includes a new Survivor Pass and expands weapon customization slots for the Micro UZI and M16A4.

Full patch notes

The full patch notes for the June update can be found here here  and an overview of the most important new features here:

  • LINE FRIENDS Collaboration: The launch of the June update will feature a LINE FRIENDS collaboration NEW STATE MOBILE celebrated. Until July 21st, players can obtain various LINE FRIENDS in-game items such as costumes, helmets, emotes, vehicles, and melee weapon skins through the Cooperation Boxes. The map design has also been adjusted: the Mall region on Troi on the starting island has been redesigned and now houses a LINE FRIENDS shop. During the collaboration period, players can also participate in a Profile Reward Event where, by completing daily missions, they have the chance to earn a LINE FRIENDS Profile Picture, a random BP Box, a Title, a Profile Frame, a Chicken Medal, and a Profile Frame Effect to obtain.
  • New Weapon Customizations: The Micro UZI and M16A4 now have additional slots to further enhance their customizability. The Micro UZI can now be equipped with a laser sight and the M16A4 now has two more customization options with an upgraded barrel that increases rate of fire and a grip that improves vertical recoil control.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 8: A new Survivor Pass is coming to NEW STATE MOBILE with the June update. In this Alex May from the faction of the Strategists plays an important role. Players can earn his outfit and appearance by completing all story missions. Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass will also receive the Moonlight Goddess costume set for Alex May.

The NEW STATE MOBILE June update is now available for Android and iOS users.

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