The cult game about teamwork and betrayal, Among Us, cooperates with NEW STATE MOBILE. As part of the latest update to the popular mobile battle royale game, from April 21st to May 19th, NEW STATE MOBILE players can unleash their inner traitor through an Among Us mini-game, a bunch of new in-game items, newly added objects on the Reveal Map Troi and much more. The collaboration includes Among Us themed costumes, in-game items, a new mini-game and more. Available now for Android and iOS. 

"We are excited to be working with Among Us as we both share the same goal of bringing unique and exceptionally fun experiences to the gaming communities," said Minkyu Park, Executive Producer of NEW STATE MOBILE. "Thanks to Innersloth's commitment and passion for this partnership, we have worked tirelessly together to bring the popular Among Us to the world of NEW STATE MOBILE, knowing that our fans will enjoy it."

Crossover with multiplayer hit Among us

Developed by Innersloth, Among Us is one of the most popular multiplayer games that is about teamwork and betrayal. In the game, players try to keep their spaceship together and return to civilization. At the same time, they must watch out for random traitors among the crew bent on sabotaging and incapacitating the rest.

"We are thrilled to be working with NEW STATE MOBILE to develop an exciting new concept that both of our communities will enjoy," said Victoria Tran, Innersloth Community Director. "The fun gameplay, tone and survival aspects all come together so well and we can't wait to see players with their new Among Us items."

Here is an overview of the contents of Among Us, the players in NEW STATE MOBILE can experience.

  • Experience the sting of betrayal from Among Us on the starting island of Troi: Based on the game mechanics of Among Us allows players to participate in a themed mini-game before starting a match on Troi.
    • Squads can have a short game of Among Us play.
    • One member of the squad is randomly chosen to be the traitor while the remaining members try not to be incapacitated by the traitor.
    • The traitor can use weapons during the mini-game to eliminate members of the party.
    • Dress To Kill (like a traitor): By purchasing special crates, players can acquire a variety of in-game items, including a mask, cloak, additional clothing, as well as a backpack, weapons, vehicles, and more.
  • Crewmate items infiltrate Troi: During the collaboration, a variety of objects provide the Among Us-Remind crew members as players may be a little more nervous than usual. They can be found on Troy's starting island and the points of interest in Chester and Anchorville.
  • Earn rewards during one Among Us Events: Beginning April 21st, players can participate in a special in-game event in which they must complete a series of unique missions. Upon completing these missions, players will receive one Among UsBorders, titles, icons and more to customize their profiles. The more missions players complete, the more in-game items they can earn.

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