The Shadowrun volumes Shadow Deals, The Usual Suspects, Kaleidoscopes, and Ejection Shock, recently released by Pegasus Games, offer RPG fans new quests and adventures in the shadows, insights into different character archetypes, and new mechanics for play in the Matrix.

Every Shadowrun starts with a mission. The players receive this in Shadowrun: Shadow Deals from "Schmidt". They don't know who is behind this facade and what drives "Schmidt" but who can afford to turn down a well-paid job? The Adventure Book is an in-house publication of Pegasus Games. In the form of an anthology, it contains ready-to-play individual adventures for Shadowrun 6 with unusual clients. The game locations and the type of orders as well as the metahumans who contact the shadowrunners differ from adventure to adventure.

Shadowrunner: No two are the same

But not only the orders vary, no shadowrunner is like the other. They come in different shapes, sizes and most importantly, with different abilities. Some are survivors in the shadows, others only prove themselves in special situations, but are then particularly in demand. In order to do justice to the various shadowrunners, the source volume The Usual Suspects deals with twenty different character archetypes and their working methods, possible history and development. The volume also informs about advantages and disadvantages and gives advice for playing with the characters.

With Kaleidoskope, another source book for Shadowrun 6 has been released – in a limited hardcover edition. As an anthology, it bundles PDFs previously published separately by Pegasus Digital and illuminates the Sixth World from numerous, colourful, diverse and often unusual perspectives. The volume contains information on the most diverse areas of the role-playing world. From short adventures to the introduction of some groups to insights into the world of shadows, this volume contains everything that makes the Shadowrun heart beat faster.

Some shadowrunners live mainly in the virtual world, the matrix, because there it is possible to act on an equal footing with the powerful and outwit them in this way. While the Matrix is ​​still a long way from new territory, it is not empty. The Rules Ejection Shock for Shadowrun 6 sheds light on the construct of the matrix, the various problems and possibilities, but also potential allies or enemy groups in the most diverse forms, such as hacker gangs or artificial intelligence.

The two hardcover volumes The Usual Suspects and Ejection Shock are now available for EUR 29,95, the softcover adventure volume Shadow Shops for EUR 14,95 and the limited hardcover volume Kaleidoskope for EUR 39,95.

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