Several crowdfunding campaigns are currently running in parallel at the game company: Overall, things are looking good for the board games, and most of them have already reached their funding goals. The two campaigns for Riverside and Last Aurora - Cold Steel are new.

A total of seven crowdfunding campaigns are currently running in the game forge, five of which have already reached their planned targets, including with Last Aurora - Cold Steel also a reboot. Last Aurora returns to the game forge. In the Cold Steel expansion, the mysterious Asgaror clan, among other things, awaits the players. Allegedly armed with extraterrestrial weapons, these strangers are causing trouble.

But not only that, the resentment among each other is growing and the convoys are now attacking each other! New exploration maps, starting crews and alternative courses of action complete the content of the expansion. In addition to the new expansion, the elements of the previous project can of course also be selected in the game forge. Newcomers to the Last Aurora world can also get a complete package right away. There is still time until March 3rd to support the campaign. Around 180 "smiths" are already taking part and have raised a total of almost 8.800 euros.

Riverside: Roll and write in the far north

The Roll & Write game Riverside has been launched in the game forge under the Kobold Spieleverlag label. Heading up north: Riverside is a fast-paced dice game for one to six players aged ten and up. Together they all travel down an icy river on a large steamer. Whoever inspires the most guests and can plan the greatest excursions will win in the end.

First, everyone chooses their newcomers from the 6 dice. Then it's time to plan the best trip from the steamer's new landing stage. In addition to bonus guests, a VIP bonus can also be unlocked

After all, there are points for the guests, but also for the excursions. You should proceed in a balanced manner, otherwise you have no chance in the captain's ranking. Whoever masters this challenge best will win in the end.

The financing phase also ends at the beginning of March: on the 2nd of the month and thus one day before Last Aurora – Kalter Stahl. 5.000 euros is the goal for them Riverside crowdfunding campaign estimated, almost half could already be generated with the project. The idea has already attracted more than 100 players - and this game can also be expected to be a success, after all it is a representative of the trend genre "Roll and write". At 19 euros, the costs are manageable. If the financing is successful, the German version of Riverside will be delivered in July 2022.

The following five projects in the game company have already achieved the goal: Gigamon, Beast, Land & Meer, La Granja and Last Autora - Cold Steel. Riverside and Nano9Games are still looking for backers.

La Granja

Up to four people manage a farm on Mallorca: They harvest and breed cattle, they supply craft businesses and offer their goods in the most prominent places on the market. But between all the work, they always treat themselves to the obligatory siesta. Originally released in 2014, La Granja quickly made it into many of the year's gaming charts, earning the game a place on tables and gaming collections around the world. Now it is to be re-released in an opulent deluxe edition that comes with a variety of material improvements such as three-layer panels and printed wood material.

Renowned game designers such as Stefan Feld or Adam Kwapinski also contribute new modules that add further facets to the otherwise unadulterated feel of the original. Also part of the project is the La Granda upgrade set, which comes with extra large material to give the game a very epic character.


Humans have spread so far with their settlements that nature is now fighting back with a dangerous creature. The humans, in turn, want to get rid of this threat and hire a hunting party to hunt down the beast and kill it before it kills more humans.

In Beast, one person slips into the role of an eponymous beast while the others go hunting together. With covert movements, the creature tries again and again to lure the hunters on the wrong track and stay away from them. These in turn use their different abilities and their instincts to gradually encircle and then eliminate the creature. But even the beasts, with which you can choose between six different ones at the beginning of the game, have different abilities that they can further develop over the course of a game.

land and sea

Land & Meer is a tactical placement game in which 2 to 4 people gradually assemble a landscape of land and sea areas from double-sided tiles with lots of funny details. The points for a completed area go first to the side that owns the area. This does not automatically have to be the person who completed it. Completing an opponent's area can give you bonus points as a consolation.

Other ways to get points are, for example, expanding coral reefs or mountain ranges and extending trade routes. Those who end up dominating them with ships or caravans can also look forward to it. All these elements can be built into the game and combined with each other. Unlike four people who team up in teams of two, there is an additional role in the three-player game: the cartographer.

While the other two vie for dominance of the trade routes with their ships and caravans, he strives for balance. Then the points go to him. Since he has no territory of his own, all coral reefs and mountains are also counted for him.


In France, the game received the As d'Or for the children's game of the year when it was released. Now the children's and family game for 2 to 4 magician's apprentices aged 5 and over is to find its way to Germany. Everyone wants to get a place in the magic guild, but only those who manage to summon three Gigamons have earned membership. You can either summon them for the first time or steal them from someone else the next time.

In order to get these coveted creatures, however, you first have to find three suitable Elemons. These are hidden in a field made up of 3×3 tiles that are constantly being filled up. If you reveal a matching pair, you can keep them. The small magical beings are not only a prerequisite for getting hold of the big Gigamons, they also bring their own talents into play. If you are successful in uncovering, you can exchange one of your own Elemon for another or it is your turn again - depending on which pair you have just uncovered. You are always successful when you come across a polymon. This is because it is friends with all the other Elemons and is therefore always part of a pair.


The Nano9Games are a new series of small games that all follow a very specific concept: they all get by with exactly 9 cards, 9 wooden dice and 9 wooden markers. The idea came about when the two authors Alban Viard and Todd Sanders wanted to take the specifications of the BoardGameGeek 9 Cards Print & Play Contest one step further.

The result is three games that can be assigned to different genres: Railways is a delivery game in which you want to build and use an efficient rail network. When it comes to city planning, you can prove yourself in the dice game City Planner and in the worker placement game Empire everything revolves around your own business empire. Visually, the games are much closer together again thanks to the art deco illustrations, and there is a reason for this coherent style: if you put the material from all three games together, you get a completely new game: Empire Planners.


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