Autumn is the time of the change between light and dark, the falling temperatures, falling leaves and also the time when families come together again in their homes. Especially in times of Covid19, when you leave the house less and less, family games are particularly suitable for joint leisure activities. In line with this, in this post we present the autumn novelties of the family games from the toy manufacturer Mattel Games.

Mattel stands for well-known brands such as Barbie and Bob the Builder, but also for popular classic family games such as Uno and Scrabble. Titles like "Kacka-Alarm" caused a sensation among adults and shining eyes among children. A child's game, in which everything revolves around "Mister Kacka", big business. This fall, Mattel is surprising families with new and relaunched game titles. There should be plenty of fun playing on rainy, gloomy autumn days.

Puglicious and Scrabble invite you to play

Scrabble is and will remain a popular board game for families. This fall, however, fans of the classic board game can expect a whole new way of word guessing. From now on up to six players will puzzle at the same time. The specialty is that seven letter tiles are drawn, which apply to all guessing foxes. Just as you are used to from the family game, each player then comes up with a word that is as points as possible.

Puglicious is aimed at children aged five and over. Image: Mattel

Puglicious is aimed at children aged five and over. Image: Mattel

In Scrabble Word Battle this happens for all players at the same time and the word is written on a Word Battle tableau. Only the word with the highest score is then placed on the board. Basically, the game can be expanded to include any number of tableaus, and thus other players. Scrabble Wortgefecht is a family game for fans of the Scrabble classic and guessing fools aged ten and over.

The game Puglicious is all about pampering a pug with colorful dog treats, but unfortunately not all of them end up in Puglicious' mouth. First, the players take turns stacking dog treats on the nose of the pug figure. Then the player whose turn it is press his paw and the colorful tokens jump in the direction of the dog's snout. The player may keep the treats caught by the pug. Whoever has the most treats in the end wins the game. Puglicious also promotes the skill of the players while stacking the tiles.

Fast reactions are required at Uno Showdown

Uno Showdown is a reissued classic. Image: Mattel

Uno Showdown is a reissued classic. Image: Mattel

Uno is also a popular classic family game. With the new edition of Uno Showdown, the card game has been given a new twist, which depends on the players' ability to react quickly.

In principle, however, the well-known rules of the game also apply here, in which each player places a card from his hand on the game pile, which is either of the same color or number. Executes action cards and draws penalty cards.

What is new is that Uno Showdown contains a device that unexpectedly starts emitting signals and flashes of light during the game. If you react quickly and press a button, you can give your fellow players new playing cards. If a player only has one card left, he calls out “UNO”, when discarding the last card “UNO, UNO” and the game is won. If he forgets to call out, however, the victory does not count.

In the family game Spirits of the Wild, the players try to collect magic stones and place them on the board by using action cards. With this they help animals that have different magic wishes and receive victory points themselves. However, laying out the magic stones is not that easy, because each of the animals has different conditions that must be met beforehand and then a coyote lurks to be used by the players against their teammates in order to use it in their moves to block. The player with the highest number of points wins at the end of the game. The rules of the game are easy to understand and are suitable for players aged ten and over.


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