On January 27, 2016, the world's largest trade fair for toys will open its doors. Around 2800 toy manufacturers will then be presenting their new products by February 01st, 2016, which are intended to inspire children and adults alike. Of course, the exhibitors also include the well-known manufacturer Hasbro, which will be represented with a very special highlight at the Spielwarenmesse 60 with the 2016th anniversary of "Play-Doh". In the following article I will introduce you to the new products from Hasbro Games.

Happy Birthday Play DoH

60 years old and the Play-Doh clay looks like the day it was born in 1956. Perhaps only very few know that this brand can look back on such a long history, because Play-Doh is far from being scrapped. Just in time for the milestone anniversary, Hasbro is launching a new product line for children who are keen on kneading: Play-Doh Town. At the Spielwarenmesse 2016 in Nuremberg, visitors will have the chance to try out the new design options. Play-Doh Town starts with two of the most important city buildings: a fire station and the city center. Both clay packages invite children to let their creativity run free. The fire station attracts with fire dogs and water cannons, the city center inspires with a variety of shops and a gas station. The highlight: children use the individual connecting pieces to individually assemble their city center. That sounds like a lot of fun - that hasn't changed in the past 60 years.

Thought of the board players

Of course, Hasbro also has one or two board game titles for children in their luggage. The children's board game sounds particularly exciting The magical dwarf forest, from the pen of the successful author Reiner Knizia. Board games with a fantastic background are ideal for children, because they not only provide child-friendly entertainment as part of a family game evening, but also encourage children on the side.

In the game The magical dwarf forest In any case, it's about leading the lost dwarfs out of the magical forest on an adventurous path. As usual with board games from Reiner Knizia, a strategic approach is more likely to be rewarded than a lucky hand.

In contrast, Hasbro's second children's board game is pretty icy. No wonder, after all, Yetis play the leading roles there. Instead of playing a Yeti themselves, the players slip into the role of sensational paparazzi who not only want to climb the snow- and ice-covered mountain, but also have to take a photo of one of the mythical Yeti in order to be successful. And as usual with paparazzi, the player with the best snapshots wins!  

Adult board players are looking forward to a new version of the strategy game Risks. This time the war is carried directly to Europe and the clever military strategists fight for supremacy by first collecting raw materials and then training armies. Technology plays a particularly large role in the new risk offshoot. By developing advanced technologies, military tacticians gain decisive advantages over their opponents.

In the quiz game Trivial Pursuit, a new era is ushered in: The 2000s. Although many adult board players prefer to tell stories from their youth, the recent past is at least as exciting - at least from the point of view of quiz lovers. A new edition of the popular guessing game is not only consistent, but also completely appropriate in terms of content. The Millennium Edition has interesting questions from the past 15 years and is sure to ask Quizzer some tough questions.

Bop it! Moves expands the repertoire of the movement-heavy game by ten new commands: knock, approach, comb, weigh, drink, golf, hammer, saw, selfie, sing or whip. For fans of the Bop it! In the XNUMXrd row, lots of fun will be inevitable. In particular, the commands selfie and singing are likely to cause quite weird facial expressions.

Of course, the innovations presented above are not all. Hasbro has a lot more toys up its sleeve. In the “girls segment” Hasbro is enticing with new ones Fur Real Friends (Pax the dog and Bootsie the cat) and pony fans are also presented by the toy manufacturer My Little Pony Crystal Kingdom as well as the baby princess Flurry Heart two exciting highlights.

The new ones are used for sharp shooting Nerf blasters for boys and girls (Nerf Rebels). Super Soakers can already be bought for the summer. This guarantees the coming water fight.

Transformers fans, on the other hand, are looking forward to the Transformer Mini-Cons, which can be transformed in a few simple steps.

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