For six-year-old Jonas Schwarz from Roth, a dream should have come true last week. Together with his parents and sister, he visited the construction site at Pirate Lake in the Playmobil FunPark. The new theme world opens on June 8th.

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The Playmobil FunPark has been busy building since September and many pirate fans can hardly wait for the new pirate world to open. So did Jonas: Without further ado, he had the crane and construction machinery in the miniature FunPark on the play carpet of his children's room and recreated the construction site around the pirate lake. The FunPark team was so impressed by the photos that they invited the boy to take a look behind the scenes at the real construction site.

Pirate the mascot, Rico, welcomed the family and accompanied the regular guests on a tour with colleagues from the FunPark team. The first parts of the new pirate ship are currently being assembled at Pirate Lake and the large crane can be seen from afar. Jonas looked at everything very carefully and was amazed - he could hardly believe his luck that he was the only fan who was allowed to visit the construction site exclusively with Rico. The whole Schwarz family is certain: Now the anticipation is even greater and thanks to the season ticket, a visit to the Playmobil FunPark will not be the only one this year.

But Jonas has to be patient a little longer until the time has finally come on June 8th and the new pirate world opens. All pirate fans can look forward to a huge pirate ship, a stranded shipwreck and a mysterious pirate lagoon with a hiding place in the area that has been enlarged to 2.900 m². In pirate fashion you can go on a treasure hunt, find coins and precious stones, fire the water cannons on the pirate island or go on a raft trip across the pirate lake. One of the ships is also accessible for wheelchair users.

By the way: Lots of fun and action will be offered in the Playmobil FunPark from April 13th, when the new outdoor season begins.

The Playmobil-FunPark in Zirndorf near Nuremberg is the "Do-it-Yourself-Amusement Park" in Germany. Already awarded several times as the most family-friendly theme park, the leisure park in Zirndorf delights families from near and far.

In the 90.000 m² area with large Playmobil play worlds and various active playgrounds, children between the ages of three and ten are invited to play, move and experience. The large indoor area with a covered climbing garden offers fun even in bad weather on a total of 5.000 m².

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