Rumors of a possible Nintendo Switch Pro with 4K support and fundamentally improved hardware specifications have been around for several years. Nintendo, however, always kept a low profile in this regard. But now things get rolling with specific details: According to the news agency Bloomberg a new version of the Nintendo Switch is to appear, which will have installed OLED displays manufactured by Samsung.

According to the Bloomberg article, Nintendo is ordering OLED displays from the South Korean tech giant, which are intended for the production of a new switch revision.

The display becomes larger, the resolution remains the same

The panels will maintain the 720p resolution in handheld mode. It was previously speculated whether the hardware's power would be sufficient for a 1080p display in mobile operation. However, something changes in size: While the current Switch is equipped with a 6,2-inch display and the Switch Lite measures a screen size of 5,5-inches, the new OLED displays should be 7-inch copies Act.

The resolution in dock mode is actually increased and should now support 4K (previously 1080p).

Although Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa had ruled out the timely announcement of a fresh switch revision, production should start as early as June. It will be interesting to see how the hardware will otherwise be expanded - faster processor and GPU as well as hardware ray tracing would be conceivable - in order to be able to compete with the powerful heavyweights PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.