A new Nintendo Switch Lite will go on sale at the beginning of May - new because the handheld console appears in the blue color variant and complements the previous line-up of coral, yellow, gray and turquoise. Nintendo accompanies the release of the game New Pokémon Snap with the release of the new Lite version. 

The headline is a bit cheated: The only thing that's really new about the "new" Nintendo Switch Lite is its color. The handheld console will appear colored blue on May 7th. Otherwise nothing changes. The blue variant is also the lightweight mobile alternative to the conventional Nintendo Switch. Players have to do without the option of playing on the TV - the Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld.

Blue Nintendo Switch Lite accompanies Pokemon game

So far, the Nintendo Switch Lite was available in four color variants: Coral, Yellow, Gray and Turquoise. The addition of a model with a new look is no coincidence. "A title that is particularly suitable for this is New Pokémon Snap," says Nintendo as a call for an on-the-go adventure. In the new Pokémon game, fans go on photo safaris and explore dense jungles, vast deserts, and many more landscapes to photograph Pokémon in their natural habitats. And: In the end, they may even unravel the secret of the mysterious Illumina phenomenon.

New Pokémon Snap will be released on April 30th and will be playable on all consoles in the Nintendo Switch family. The game will appear one week before the release of the blue Nintendo Switch Lite.

And something else is new in Nintendo's game catalog, namely the funny Miitopia, which will be launched on May 21st. In it, the players create their own personal adventure. You create Mii characters for your friends, family or other people - and go on a hilarious journey with them. Because only with active support can they put an end to the dark prince who stole the faces of the inhabitants of Miitopia.

As a game console for on the go, Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller and lighter than Nintendo Switch. All titles in the Nintendo Switch range of games that support handheld mode can be played on the compact, lightweight.

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