It's finally here, the Nintendo manga "Super Mario Manga Mania" is available in English. The manga by the Japanese author Yukio Sawada, which tell the reader stories from the well-known jump-and-run universe with a large portion of silly humor, have always been popular with readers of the Japanese comic magazine "CoroCoro". The Mario manga anthology was published by North American publisher Viz Media. There are currently no indications of a German-language version.

In Japan, Super Mario manga have been popular since the XNUMXs and are added monthly to the comics of the children's magazine CoroCoro. From now on, an anthology of the manga series called "Super Mario-Kun" is also available in English.

Super Mario Manga now in English

Super Mario Manga Mania includes the most popular stories from all of the Japanese editions and lets its readers immerse themselves in the world of the famous Italian plumber and his friends. Readers already know this from other Nintendo mangas. They can immerse themselves in the video game worlds of titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Splatoon or Pokémon.

Super Mario Mangas have been part of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro for many years. Image: With Super Mario Manga Mania, Super Mario Kun appears for the first time in English. Image: Viz Media

Super Mario mangas have been part of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro for many years. Image: Viz Media

The mangas written by the author Yukio Sawada about Super Mario, known from jump-and-run games, appear monthly in comic strip format and are now said to contain fifty volumes. The stars of the manga are all the heroes of the games.

The universe plays on the well-known locations of the video games. The stories, on the other hand, mostly spring from the imagination of the Japanese author and contain a good pinch of puns. The humor is classic for the genre of the gag manga, but could seem too silly to the most serious readers. But just as life offers different emotions, Sawada also suggests more serious topics in Super Mario Manga Mania. So grief and loss also play a role in some chapters, but they can be read separately. In order to protect sensitive children, the manga contains a note before these chapters, which makes it possible to discuss these topics beforehand or to skip them.

Viz Media has now released a volume of Super Mario Kun in the English language market for the first time, entitled "Super Mario Manga Mania". The anthology should contain a concentrated load of action-packed stories about Mario, his friends and opponents on 160 pages. Fans in the western world have been waiting for this for many years. The Super Mario jump-and-run video game series is considered the most successful of all time. The funny Italian plumber is the figurehead and the most popular character of Nintendo, who even received a star on the Walk of Game and is unmistakable with his mustache, blue dungarees, red shirt and peaked cap. Not to forget his exclamation "It's a me".

This year Nintendo celebrated the 35th Super Mario anniversary with its fans. The first Mario game from Nintendo was released on September 13, 1985 for the Famicom console. Just two years later, the western world was also able to enjoy the video game that was being released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) at that time.

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