Lord of the Rings Online has been around for a few years and is graphically no longer the biggest eye-catcher. But now the Amazon Games Studios, in cooperation with the Chinese company Leyou, are working on a new free-to-play MMO in the Lord of the Rings universe. The online role-playing game should not be related to the TV series, which is also produced by Amazon. 

Christoph Hartmann, who comes from Germany and is Vice President of Amazon Game Studios, says the game should offer “the highest quality” and be produced by a “team of experienced developers”. In fact, Christoph Hartmann can point to some successes in his career: as the former head of 2K Games, Bioshock and the newer Civilization parts were created there during his time.

There is not much information available so far. We suspect that the game will be developed in the Lumberyard engine - the engine in which Star Citizen is also developed - which is a further development of the Cry engine. According to the developers, a "literary fantasy" template from JRR Tolkien is used.

The Leyou company is not very well known to the general public in this country, but they have one or two titles such as Warframe, Brink or the multiplayer part of Gears of Wars 4 in their portfolio. The game is marketed by both cooperation partners, but Leyou is solely responsible for marketing in China.

When the game will be released is also not yet clear. One thing is certain: we are looking forward to more information.


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