A new project started this week in the game forge. It got off to an impressive start. With one exception, the prospects for ongoing projects are very good.

Eila & the glittering something and Terracotta army have confidently achieved their goals eleven days before the end of the project. For three weeks Explorers of the Woodlands still be in the game forge. This project is already fully financed with more than 150%. The project too senjutsu, which can still be financed for twelve days in the forge, is very close to reaching the set goal. It is currently at 97%. The title that is currently furthest behind the set goal already has the coveted collector's item of the smithy in the title. Coal & Colony collected about half of the required coal 12 days before the end of the crowdfunding. The current title of Small Fine Lencois will also be available in the Forge for another week.

Mind MGMT – novelty with an impressive start

Right in the first paragraph of the project description you can read that it is a game. Or isn't it? Is it all just coincidence or is nothing coincidence at all?
The players must work together to find and catch the covert management and its army of immortals before they take over the world.

One person takes on the role of management. All others are rogue agents. The management wants to go to the places with the features on their own secret feature map. There it wants to contact recruits. Management records its steps on the secret plan behind its screen. There is a restriction that each location can only be visited once.

Agents may move a maximum of two squares. In addition, they may perform one of the actions question, reveal, interrogate, or immobilize. By asking questions, agents can find out whether management has already visited places with certain characteristics. If it was in such a location, a trail is placed on a location with that trait.
The Reveal action can be applied to these tracks. Management then writes a note of when it was at that location. In this way, the agents can track the movements of the management.

If the agents are in a location with an immortal, they can question them. If the agent correctly guesses one of the management's secret trait tokens, it loses that trait card and cannot use it to contact recruits.

The game can be won by the agents with the Paralyze action. If they think they are in the same place as management, they can shut them down and win the game. Management wins if they have contacted twelve recruits or if they have not been disabled after 16 rounds.

Mind MGMT is recommended for 1-5 people aged 13 and over. The playing time is about an hour. After an impressive start, the project has raised more money in less than 24 hours than any of the other projects, all of which have been crowdfunding for much longer. It has already reached 132% of the set target and can still go for 39 days here. get supported.


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