With "For Glory", Giant Roc want to help a deck building gladiator game to get a German edition. The corresponding campaign for financing is already running in the game forge. The standard version of the card game about bloody gladiator fights in ancient Rome is available for 35 euros.

Deck building dueling games have always been popular. For Glory takes players to the Roman Empire, where they face off as Lanista and send their gladiators into the arena. In addition to finding the right gladiators, it is also important to secure the support of patrons and to play the right fighting cards at the right moment. The duels are highly interactive and tactical.

For Glory and expansion

In addition to the basic game, the Champions expansion is also available from the game forge, which turns the duel into a solo or even a four-player game. In addition, there is the exclusive Legends expansion, metal coin tokens and wooden material to upgrade your own copy. Anyone who wants to secure all of this can do so Crowdfunding project for For Glory until September 1st at the Spieleschmiede support.

The campaign is getting off to a leisurely start: 10.000 euros is the goal for successful financing, and the first blacksmiths have already invested almost 2.000 euros. The prices for the game are 35, 70 or 96 euros - depending on the equipment. From the second cost level, the extension for For Glory is also included in the bundle. In March 2023, the game will then be delivered under the Giant Roc label.


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