This week the game company was glowing comfortably. Only one new title has started crowdfunding. A somewhat hesitant project has received a small "upgrade". Otherwise, all projects are looking pretty good.

The current title of the "Little Fine Ones" climbing tendril in the game forge has been extended by an additional week. The Spieleschmiede team is confident about the project lencois to be able to start next Friday when everyone is fit again.
Unfair added a bit more during the week and is now a little over 2,5 times its target funding. The project is still available for 11 days. One day longer The Artemis Odyssey available. The project has now achieved its goal and is about 115% funded. Eila & the glittering something could also achieve his goal. The project will still be online for 25 days and it is currently 114% funded. The other project, which started last week, has meanwhile achieved almost two thirds of the set goal. senjutsu will be available for another 26 days.

The less successful project too Hoard got a little upgrade. A few more treasures were scattered around the dragon to attract a few more smiths and make the project a success. New are as possible add-ons Kingdom Rush - Storm of the Elements as a complete package in a collector's box and Divinius .

Terracotta Army - Build the Terracotta Army for the Emperor

The only novelty of the past week is Terracotta army. An army of warrior statues is to be raised for the ruler who fears death. The aim is to demonstrate the best craftsmanship. There is an assessment in each of the five rounds. Whoever has achieved the highest favor at the end of the fifth round and in the final judgment is honored by the Emperor.

The actions are selected using a turntable. Among other things, clay and coins can be collected, a warrior statue can be made, clay can be moistened, craftsmen can be promoted, a master can be used or weapons can be prepared. By crafting and placing new statues, players gain the Emperor's favor.

The many different statues all have to be placed according to different placement rules and are scored differently. The masters are also an element in the game that should not be underestimated. Each deployed master grants a special bonus to certain actions.

Terracotta army is already a little more than a third financed a few hours after the start. The game is affordable here still for 25 days.
A game lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. The game can be played with 1-4 people aged 14 and over.

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