This week three new titles started crowdfunding in the game forge. From big to small and from family game to expert game level, the new titles cover everything. A remake of a classic is among this week's novelties.

At first things didn't look good for a long time Hoard. Four days before the end of crowdfunding, however, the goal was achieved. There are also four more days in the game forge Unfair. This title was able to achieve its goal much more confidently and is currently at 286% of the financing goal. Those interested can stay one day longer The Artemis Odyssey still forging. 138% of the funding goal has already been collected here. For each 18 days are Eila & and the glittering something and Terracotta army in crowdfunding. The brave rabbit has already collected 138% of the glittering coals. The Emperor was also able to complete his army of warrior statues today. Located for 19 days senjutsu still in the game forge. 82% of the required sum could already be collected here.

Coal & Colony: New edition of the classic

In this game from Thomas Spitzer's "Coal Trilogy" the players run their own collieries in the Ruhr area. Over the course of five rounds, everyone tries to expand their mines and operate them as profitably as possible. There are 10 different phases in the rounds in total, although not all of them are played in every round. At the beginning, everyone takes a bonus marker and thus determines the turn order. With the bonus markers miners and engineers can be used and moved or steam engines can be bought.
This is followed by two identical action phases in the previously determined turn order. The effects of the bonus markers can also be applied in one of the two. Up to three extraction tokens can be collected over the course of the game. These can be used after the action phases in order to carry out another action.
Once all actions have been resolved, mining accidents can occur. For this, mine disaster stones come in a bag. Whoever then owns the three stones drawn receives minus points.

Players don't just compete with each other. There is also the coal syndicate, which is now also acquiring mines. After that, income is generated and the game plan is evaluated. From the third round, the small mines are gradually merged. In the last phase, there is income again from the surface tickets.

The person who has collected the most victory points after the final scoring at the end of the fifth round wins the game.
is recommended Coal & Colony for 3-5 people aged 12 and over. The playing time is about two hours. 19 days before the end of the crowdfunding in the game forge, the goal has already been reached by a third. Those interested can join the project here add coals.

Explorers of the Woodlands - dungeon crawler for families

Together with the animals of the Woodlands forest, the players go deep into the forest to protect it from monsters and other dangerous creatures. Each character has their own abilities here.

Each game of the cooperative dungeon crawler for 1-4 players, ages 10 and up, is played over several rounds, each with two phases. In the exploration phase, all players place a forest card next to the forest.
Then comes the adventure phase. In this, the individual characters are activated in turn order. Activation takes place in two steps. First, four dice are rolled and placed on the character board. The dice may be re-rolled once. The character can then be controlled via the game board. Explore, fight monsters, arm yourself and face events in the thorny undergrowth. When all characters have been activated, another exploration phase follows. This process repeats itself until the game is won or lost. It takes about 35 minutes to get there.

Explorers of the Woodlands will be available in the game forge for another 28 days. More than 80% of the target amount has already been collected.

Lençóis - Find the key and the treasure

The sixth title of the "Little Fine Ones", which has now started with a week's delay due to illness, bears the title Lençóis Beach. Here the players end up in Brazil. There is a treasure chest to be found in the dunes. The key sank in one of the waterholes.
The game consists of 9 lagoon and XNUMX dune cards, each with different effects. The key is on one of the lagoon cards and the treasure chest is on one of the dune cards. If you hold both of these cards in your hand, you win. If you have a thunderstorm and the key, you are out of the game.

Initially, six cards are laid face down in the middle. One is in the middle and the rest are spread around with a gap. Everyone receives two hand cards. Each turn consists of two actions: draw a card and play a card - in any order. The played card's effect is resolved when it is played face up. Otherwise you can also play them directly face down in order not to let the other players know what you have played. At the end of each turn, the wind twirls the cards in the middle.

The memory game with a “take that” element is suitable for 2-6 people aged 8 and over. The playing time is between 10 and 15 minutes. Interested treasure hunters can sign up for a week here go in search of the key and treasure chest.


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