There are currently five crowdfunding projects running in the game company. Even the innovation that started yesterday in the forge has already achieved its goal. In addition to ongoing projects, for the first time there is also a preview page for a project that is expected to start next week.

After Oranienburger Kanal was fully financed at Gamefound after just under 30 minutes, it is not surprising that the game is already well above the target at the game company. Although nine times the original goal will soon be reached, the project can of course still be supported. Interested parties have 12 days to do so. Acropolis and Iki have already reached their goal 19 days before the end of the funding period. The project that received the most money by far is the narrative game The Dark Quarter. With four more weeks of funding remaining, the original target has already been tripled.

Radlands - Duel in a post-apocalyptic world

Freshly voted best 2-person game at the Golden Geek Awards, the German localization of Radlands through Grimspire into crowdfunding. After the unfortunately unsuccessful Grimspire project Nightmare Cathedral Radlands had already been financed to over 250% just one day after the start.
In this 2-player tactical card game, players take control of their own party in a post-apocalyptic world. Water is a scarce commodity here and a valuable resource. The game ends when all opposing camps have been destroyed. If the draw pile is empty for the second time, the game ends in a draw.

Alternately, both perform their moves. At the beginning of the turn, an event can be triggered if it is in the appropriate slot. The remaining event cards move up one place. Then there are three water tokens that can be used in the third phase, the action phase. Here cards can be played, drawn or discarded. The water silo can be picked up for a water token and discarded again for an extra water token. Also, in the action phase, the abilities of cards that are ready can be used.

The 2-player Radlands game lasts between 20 and 40 minutes and is recommended for ages 14+. That Projects runs for four more weeks.

Preview to Fableland

 For the first time there is a preview page in the game forge. The new project of the family game label Mirakulus of the happyshop family is called Fabelland. Not least thanks to the beautiful illustrations by Lukas Siegmon (Hallertau, Nova Luna, Sagani, among others) the 2-5 players immerse themselves in the only truly magical amusement park in the world. Originally reserved for legendary heroes, the fairyland opens its gates to everyone. The family game by Moritz Schuster is recommended for ages 10 and up. The goal is to collect the most balloons.

Everyone builds fantastic attractions around the huge carousels in the center of each park area. They try to attract as many visitors as possible to their own attraction by cleverly rotating the carousel. Guests get off everywhere and not just at the person who spun the carousel. In this way, your own attractions also fill up on the trains of others. If an attraction is full, the ride begins and there are balloons as a reward. After the ride, visitors first go back to the central area of ​​the park for the toilet, to eat or simply to relax. The collected balloons can also be reinvested in new and better attractions. Influencers who attract visitors to their own attractions can also be paid with balloons.

Crowdfunding for Fabelland is expected to start on May 12th. Anyone who would like to find out more about the project beforehand and would like to look at the artwork and the preliminary rules can do so here do.

Small but mighty goes into the fourth season

With clod bustle starts the fourth season of "Little Fine Ones" in the game forge. The "Little Fine Ones" are a very special series of games that can only be supported exclusively in the game forge. Every single game title is reduced to what really counts: fun, game mechanics and theme.

In drift floes At the beginning there are two cards in the middle. Another card is revealed and within a minute the players have to find the best possible place for the new card and note the points that would be awarded for placing it there. At the end of the minute, it is checked who has written down the highest number. If you succeed in proving this number by investing, you get the corresponding points. Orcas on the cards double the points of the seals, polar bears and northern gulls on the cards.

The game ends when the 20-card deck is empty. Whoever has collected the most points wins the game. 2-6 people aged 8+ reach the end of the game after 15-25 minutes.

In the coming weeks, a total of 8 Little fines titles in the forge. All with the "Pay What You Want" principle. The first project clod bustle is still available for seven days and can here get supported.



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