Gaming hardware manufacturer Roccat, Turtle Beach's Hamburg-based PC team, has announced that two new gaming keyboards are now commercially available: the Vulcan 121 AIMO and the Vulcan 122 AIMO. Both variants differ in terms of color and the type of keys. The black Vulcan 121 AIMO is said to be up to 30 percent faster than conventional buttons with the new switches called "Titan Switch Speed". Both gaming keyboards cost 159,99 euros.

Gamers who want to optimize their hardware down to the last keystroke now have new options for hardware upgrades: Roccat is bringing two gaming keyboards onto the market that are supposed to increase the speed of keystrokes in the double-digit percentage range. 

"Up to 30 percent faster than conventional switches"

The Vulcan 121 AIMO impresses with an aluminum surface in ash black and for the first time offers a new version of the "Titan Switch" from Roccat designed for speed. Dubbed Titan Switch Speed, these new switches register keystrokes up to 30 percent faster than traditional switches.
After the success of the Titan Switch Tactile, installed in all previously released Vulcan keyboards, Roccat now offers a new, even faster option with the Vulcan 121 AIMO.
Not only does it light up beautifully, it should also be fast: The buttons on the Vulcan 121 AIMO. Image: Roccat

Not only does it light up beautifully, it should also be fast: The buttons on the Vulcan 121 AIMO. Image: Roccat

Designed for speed, the Titan Switch Speed ​​has a shortened trigger point at 1,4 mm (3,6 mm actuation travel), which means that it reacts faster than conventional switches without compromising precision. Particularly interesting for gamers: The switches are operated with a force of 45 g in order to minimize accidental button presses.
As a further innovation, ROCCAT presents the Vulcan 122 AIMO, the Arctic White version of the award-winning Vulcan 2019 AIMO, which received the iF Design Award 120 for its product category. Equipped with an anodized aluminum plate and the well-known "Titan Switch Tactile" mechanical switches, which
Register keystrokes up to 20 percent faster than standard switches and at the same time allow the player a quick, precise and tactile keystroke.
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To further complete the current Ash Black and Arctic White color scheme, Roccat has added the Vulcan 122 AIMO to the current keyboard series - the white version of the award-winning Vulcan 120. The Vulcan 122 AIMO is equipped with the Titan Switch Tactile mechanical switch, with a Trigger point at 1,8 mm and a confirmation path of 3,6 mm. 20% faster than the standard, this switch offers a good balance between a crisp keystroke and speed, with a tactile pressure point and at the same time quietly.
Roccat's Vulcan series keyboards look and feel amazing, plus they give PC gamers an edge over the competition with their speed. That's why we believe they are the best gaming keyboards out there.
Jürgen Stark, CEO of Turtle Beach
The Vulcan 121 AIMO and Vulcan 122 AIMO also have a magnetically removable palm rest and a flat design for improved ergonomics and long gaming sessions. At the same time, the keyboards offer the best stage for Roccat's unique AIMO lighting system.
Since its release, the Vulcan keyboard has been among the three best-selling gaming keyboards in Germany and one of the best-selling products in its price range.
Jürgen Stark, CEO of Turtle Beach
Each Vulcan keyboard switch has an individually configurable, long-life LED that is capable of displaying 16,8 million colors in a variety of special effects. The functionality grows with the number of connected AIMO-capable devices. The AIMO lighting reacts organically and depending on usage and offers breathtaking lighting scenarios without any effort in terms of configuration. 
Both the Vulcan 121 AIMO with the Titan Switch Speed ​​and the Vulcan 122 AIMO with the Titan Switch Tactile are now available from well-known retailers in Germany for an RRP of 159,99 euros. More information about the Roccat line-up developed in Germany is available at

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