With the T-GT II, ​​Thrustmaster has introduced its first racing steering wheel that is officially licensed for the PlayStation 5. This new steering wheel is a further developed version of the T-GT from Thrustmaster (which was launched exactly four years ago) and offers Gran Turismo Sport players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 the maximum level of excitement and realism currently available on a Racing simulation is possible.

According to the manufacturer, this new edition of the T-GT was refined in more than 23.000 hours of intensive work. The challenge was to improve the design of the racing steering wheel to bring players a previously unknown level of precision and durability. This led to the introduction of the groundbreaking systems T-DCC (Drift Curve Calculation) and T-RTF (Real Time Force Feedback / Force Feedback in real time) as well as the integration of new internal AEC-Q-certified components.

Steering wheel for racing fans

Controlling vehicle drift is a must for achieving excellence in sim racing - be it competitions specifically dedicated to the art of drifting - or rally and GT style. Successful drift management is of crucial importance for all drivers who want to control their vehicle's breakaway precisely when cornering.

The T-GT II uses a unique technology that enables curve drift computation (T-DCC) in real time, maintaining the responsiveness of the steering wheel and the car during the game in all situations. This built-in T-DCC function allows the driver to direct his attention to the execution of very precise steering movements in order to always be a step or two ahead when driving.

The Real Time Force Feedback (T-RTF) system minimizes the calculation times of the force feedback and enables an immediate reaction.
Force feedback effects are managed in real time by a built-in processor. This means that these effects do not depend on the game itself, in order to avoid any potential stumbling blocks in terms of responsiveness. And best of all, this goes for all games, both on PlayStation 5 and PC. In this way, Thrustmaster's proprietary T-RTF technology enables users to enjoy the game without dead zones or latency times.

In order to guarantee the highest level of durability and quality in the long term, the T-GT II has a completely new electronic design with AEC-Q-certified circuit boards that come from the automotive industry.

The steering wheel is licensed for the Playstation 5: Image: Thrustmaster / Amazon

The steering wheel is licensed for the Playstation 5: Image: Thrustmaster / Amazon

T-GT II is designed to meet the requirements of the world's most powerful professional racing drivers who use their racing simulation devices as real work tools - and that during extremely long training sessions and incredibly intense competitions.

As the first Thrustmaster racing steering wheel officially licensed for the PS5, the T-GT II also makes a significant leap in development with its pedal set. This is made possible by the integration of particularly high-quality components from the European automotive industry, combined with the use of a new, even more precise brake pedal spring with improved durability.

The T-GT II is equipped with Thrustmaster's proven T-40VE brushless motor, which provides high-precision force feedback and even torque during the races. In addition, the T-GT II has the popular T-DFB * (Depth FeedBack / Tiefen-FeedBack) force feedback system, which was already used in its predecessor. This pronounced depth perception on the force feedback axis delivers precision data between 30 Hz and 100 Hz and avoids the loss of information that occurs with conventional force feedback systems.

Like its predecessor, the T-GT II also contains all of the other tried and tested technologies and functions that have made the T-GT popular and that have made its success since 2017:

  • T-LIN system that ensures that the force felt by the user is 100% proportional to the force determined in play.
  • TF.OC technology that enables the motor to react dynamically and quickly to the request for increased torque while reducing power losses.
  • T-MCE, which, as a super efficient cooling system, maintains the linearity and dynamics of the powerful T-40VE motor.
  • T-TURBO power pack that delivers constant power and a massive peak power of 400 watts.
  • The official GT steering wheel, which is encased in real leather and equipped with two mini joysticks and four on-the-fly selector switches recognized natively in Gran Turismo Sport, differential brake adjustment, traction control, fuel mapping and torque management.


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