Cooking delicious food from ingredients you have harvested yourself - that sums up the idea behind the new game by Isaac Vega. Wild Gardens is to be financed by crowdfunding, the project can already be found on 

Isaac Vega comes around the corner with a new game idea: the focus is on the combination of harvesting and cooking. The author had previously worked on board games such as City of Remnants, Forgotten Waters or Winter der Toten. The latter title in particular has long been considered one of the best survival games on the market, with a wonderful psychological component. 

Colorful and delicious instead of cold and grey

The contrast for Isaac Vega could hardly be greater than in his new game Wild Gardens: in Winter der Toten it was all about survival in a harsh world, in the new strategy game bright colors and plenty of food are on the program. Players must head out into nature to find ingredients for their next meal. 

There are various components to collect from mushrooms to berries to flowers. The ingredients must then be used for five different types of meals: so you fulfill the goals given by cards. A nice trick: the meals are actually presented differently, each with matching illustrations - from asparagus casserole to raspberry soda, there are many specialties.

The dishes must then be served to more than 50 unique guests, for which victory points are awarded. Those ordering from all over the world have completely different tastes - the cards each have different game effects. 

The game wasn't always called Wild Gardens. The idea had previously been announced under the project name Acorn. Rose Gauntlet's name change is now official thanks to the crowdfunding page on Backerkit. Incidentally, Lindsey Rode and Isaac Vega recently founded the small publishing house. Rode had previously implemented the games Labyrinthos and Bayou Bash. The publisher's first game will not be Wild Gardens: Keystone: North America has already been released, and other games are in the works, including Gone to Gaia. 

When exactly the crowdfunding for Wild Gaardens will start is unclear. But it shouldn't take long: up Backerkit gives the beginning of the year 2023 on, the title should then come on the market in the third quarter of the year. 

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