A new game will be released by the Rhineland publisher Dachshund Games this year. This is feather light. At least that's the title. At 230g, the game is probably a bit heavier than the title. This alludes to the complexity and, above all, the theme of the game.

There are some exciting board game publishers in the Rhineland. One of them is the small publisher Dachshund Games. A novelty will be released this year. Like the publisher's last two games, the theme is "airy". After clouds and butterflies, feathers and a bird can now be found in the artwork.

Featherweight - Fast paced hand management game

In this fast-paced card game, the players must help the little bird Paule to put his valuable collection of feathers back in order. Whoever can score the most points with their hand cards at the end wins the game. 

However, your own hand is not the only place to pay attention. The nest in the middle also needs to be cleverly manipulated. If you keep an eye on your fellow players, collect the right cards, optimize your own hand of cards and challenge your luck at the right time, you can certainly adorn yourself with the feathers of victory.

The  feather It is a beginner-friendly card game for 1-4 players aged 8+. The playing time is a slim 20 minutes. The game should be available from the fourth quarter of 2022. 

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