In autumn 2022, Pegasus Spiele will release ChronoCops, a new series of fun games for fans of time travel, point-and-click adventures and wacky humor. At the start of the new series by Matthias Prinz and Martin Kallenborn, two independent basic games with easy and medium difficulty will be released.

ChronoCops is an entertaining time travel adventure packed with wacky humor and lots of tongue in cheek. The game idea is based on point-and-click adventures like Monkey Island™, Day of the Tentacle and other well-loved classics in video game history. As ChronoCops - agents of the most prestigious research department for time travel - the players travel through time to famous people and places where they have to solve puzzles. To do this, you have to bring the right things together to think outside the box, clear obstacles out of the way and together stop the insane Professor Knix, the former mentor of the ChronoCops.

Four cases to start with

The series begins with the standalone cases of Einstein's Relativity Crisis (low difficulty) and Da Vinci's Universal Dilemma (medium difficulty). The players have to stop Professor Knix from building a time paradox or drilling into an underground time flow. Among other things, they need the help of Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci, travel to the cradle of mankind, to ancient Egypt or even to a laundromat in the year 2045.

In each game, the players explore different timelines that can only be opened up gradually by successfully solving puzzles. Each timeline has different jump markers that players can travel to. Some in the past or future, others in alternate realities. There are clues and objects hidden everywhere that the ChronoCops can collect and combine with the Chrono Decoder to use at a specific location. The group can also get tips on the back of the chrono-decoder if they get stuck.

Through targeted influence in the various timelines, the players finally reach the whereabouts of Professor Knix, where they hopefully put a stop to him. But the deranged villain and his oddball henchmen, the Cronks - the result of a time paradox involving a dinosaur, an insect and a tuft of Knix hair - naturally do their utmost to prevent the ChronoCops from succeeding.

ChronoCops – Einstein's Relativity Crisis and ChronoCops – Da Vinci's Universal Dilemma are cooperative fun games for one to six people aged twelve and up and last around 90 to 120 and 90 to 150 minutes respectively. The suggested retail price per game is EUR 24,99. Two more cases are already in development.


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