Pretty bloody: Last month, after Krafton, the makers of PUBG: Battlegrounds, announced the start of active development of an untitled game project based on the popular Korean fantasy novel The Bird That Drinks Tears, they unveiled a new visual one concept trailer. 

The trailer for the new games IP illustrates what the audience can expect from future entertainment projects based on the IP. In addition to the as-yet-untitled game, the visualization project aims to provide the aesthetic and content direction for various multimedia projects based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, including a graphic novel and a feature film.

Fantasy game based on Korean fantasy novel series

The visual concept trailer was created with Unreal Engine 5 and highlights the mystical character Krafton is aiming for with the entertainment projects based on The Bird That Drinks Tears. The world and character designs are based on the vibrant concept art of Iain McCaig, the renowned Hollywood talent known for his work on franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel.

Since 2021, Krafton's Team Windless has worked closely with Iain McCaig to visualize the novel's world and characters. The final product of this collaboration will be published as an artbook in the course of 2022. Additionally, a graphic novel of The Bird That Drinks Tears will be available in 2023.

Krafton also continues to be actively working on an as yet untitled game title based on the novel. The Korean company recently launched the official website of this project and continues its efforts to recruit top global talent to realize its ambitious vision.

If you are interested in working on the development team for the game project or would like to find out more about The Bird That Drinks Tears, you can find everything else at

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