With FYFE, published by Pegasus Spiele Verlagspartner Edition Spielwiese, and Kill Doctor Lucky, two new family games are now available from Pegasus Spiele.

While Kill Doctor Lucky offers murderous fun even for larger groups, FYFE impresses with summery illustrations and an abstract placement mechanism.

New board games for families

In a game of FYFE, two to five players start with the same board. Each round you decide which of two wooden stones you want to place on your game board - and how this should be scored, because if you place the stone in a row, column or diagonal to which no scoring tile is pointing, one is placed. To do this, the player chooses one of their own remaining scoring tiles. The aim is to fill your own playing field with game pieces and scoring boards so that as many scorings as possible are fulfilled - preferably before the other players.

If you plan well ahead and choose the right tile at the right moment, you will come out on top in this abstract placement game by Kosch. Lucky charms also give players special abilities that can be used once a lucky charm tile has been drawn. The game ends after 25 rounds when all spaces on the game board are filled. FYFE is suitable for everyone from the age of ten who wants an abstract placement game with extraordinary illustrations by Lukas Siegmon, which leaves plenty of room for individual tactical decisions and is therefore played differently in each game. The RRP is 39,99 euros.

The family game Kill Doctor Lucky, which is also already available, is more thematic: At the mansion of Doctor J. Robert Lucky, on a property seven miles north of nowhere, all the players have gathered for the same reason. Your goal is to kill Doctor Lucky. Despite the common goal, the players in Kill Doctor Lucky do not cooperate at all, because everyone wants to achieve this triumph themselves.

Players move from room to room, either drawing cards or attempting assassination. As the game progresses, they collect more powerful murder weapons and try to thwart the others' plans - always hoping to find Doctor Lucky in a remote location so that they can carry out the plan unobserved. But Doctor Lucky's name says it all: he skilfully avoids all dangers. Only with tactical skill, patience and luck will the players succeed in getting rid of the unpopular doctor.

The new edition of James Ernest's classic crime thriller is available from Pegasus Spiele in the deluxe edition with hand-turned wooden figures. The humorous murder/mystery game is suitable for groups of two to eight players aged eight and over. The RRP is 29,99 euros.



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