The publisher Pegasus Spiele has informed that a new action game for the whole family called "Abra Kazam!" will be released at the beginning of August. Magic is the thematic focus of this family game. The price for the new release is 19.95 euros.

With "Abra Kazam!", Pegasus Spiele will add an "enchanting title" to the fun game series. As sorcerers' apprentices with real magic wands, players practice using magic. The action game for the whole family will be available in stores from the beginning of August.

Like Harry Potter - only without Harry Potter

You know that with the magic gestures: a cocky sorcerer's apprentice waves his magic wand in the air - and creates chaos. In a similar notch, Pegasus Spiele, which with the new title from the Funspiel series appeals to all those players who want to start magic quickly and easily. 

Magic needs to be learned: That's why the 3 to 8 players, ages 8 and up, take part in magic lessons in "Abra Kazam!". While one of the players gestures as a magician with his magic wand and thus performs a spell, the other players have to guess which of the formulas on display it is. Whoever points to the magic book with the correct spell first and calls out its correct name at the same time gets credited with the magic as a point and has to show a formula next. The simplest rules for an immediate start including fast gameplay. 

The effects of the magic, which are only revealed after the successful spell, should ensure even more fun. As a rhinoceros, flamingo or frog, the players then have to accept the challenge under difficult conditions.

"Abra Kazam!" relies on easily accessible rules and a high level of challenge. 48 sayings ensure variety and always new challenges, whether with the family or in a larger group of up to eight people. The included magic wand also ensures authentic fun and the bizarre side effects magically hilarity. In this sense: Wingardium Leviosa! 

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