In the expert game Black Rose Wars, recently released by Pegasus Games, players compete as magicians for dominance of the Black Rose Magic Academy. In addition to the base game with over 200 cards and 34 miniatures, the expansions Inferno and Illusion and Conspiracy and several companions that can be summoned are also available.

In Black Rose Wars, the players slip into the roles of powerful magi from different magic schools. As the term of office of the Grand Master of the Order ends, the question of succession arises. In order to prove themselves worthy, the players must complete magical tasks and compete against the other magi. For victory, however, the most powerful artefact of the order - the eponymous Black Rose - must also be defeated.

Magic fight with four different Magi 

In Marco Montanaro's expert game, the players have four different Magi at their disposal. These start in their respective chambers and then advance into the various rooms of the magic academy, each of which has different abilities. Each game round consists of six phases. The heart of each round is the action phase, but in order to be able to cast the right spells, the players have to think carefully in the preparation phase which spells they want to play later and – with the exception of one instant spell – also in which order they want to do this. The game ends when either a Magi or the Black Rose itself reaches or exceeds 30 power points.

Black Rose Wars combines deck building and combat elements with a fantasy setting reminiscent of a dark twist on the Italian Renaissance. Atmospheric illustrations by Giovanni Pirrotta and Henning Ludvigsen round off the gaming experience for two to four Magi aged twelve and over. The recommended retail price is 129,99 euros.

Several expansions have been released alongside the base game. The Black Rose Wars: Inferno expansion includes 18 new miniatures and nine new rooms. The once magnificent rooms of the Academy have now been taken over by Lucifer himself and his terrible demons to battle. The recommended retail price is 89,99 euros. In return, players receive numerous new game components that make the game more varied and challenging.

Black Rose Wars: Illusion and Conspiracy includes two additional individual characters representing two additional schools of magic. The expansion allows play with up to six people or a larger selection of characters. The suggested retail price is 29,99 euros. And the companion expansions, which have a recommended retail price of 19,99 euros each, bring three companions including miniatures into play. Whether Cerberus, dragon, hydra or griffin - the companions support the Magi in the fight for supremacy.


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