After Fantasy Flight Games announced the new Star Wars card game, things got quieter about the title. Now the creators reveal some details about the deck building game planned for the coming year. 

The Star Wars gaming universe will be expanded again in the coming year. With Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game, Fantasy Flight Games is launching another card game based on deck building mechanics. The publisher had previously announced the game, but then released no further information. Until now.

Star Wars: Competitive Deck Builder

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game will be a two-player game. And it will be classic: fans slip into the role of the empire or the rebel alliance. Then it is a matter of gathering and reinforcing forces in order to destroy other players' bases in this way.

Fantasy Flight Games' information about the expected release period is red hot: The game is scheduled to be launched in March 2023. A localized version by Asmodee Germany can be assumed. Like other Star Wars games before, the release will probably take place in parallel worldwide.

The goal of the game in Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game is to destroy three of your opponent's bases. Players begin with a starter deck of ten cards themed around their chosen faction. At first you play mainly with cards that generate resources - these must then be used to buy new cards from the display and integrate them into the discard pile.

In order to destroy opponent's headquarters, you must use cards with attack values. Tactics come into play through a targeted attack on the opponent's map management. The "bounty hunt" or "sabotage" will be tactical tricks that players can use to weaken the opponent and strengthen their own deck.

Not only foot soldiers are used, but also space fighters up to large ships. Capital ships once purchased remain in play and are not discarded. The trick: If the opponent wants to damage a base, he must first get past the capital ships. The big pots also have special abilities.

Other strategic tricks are bases with special abilities or a power bar, which - depending on the alignment - provides bonuses.

There is no exact release date. Fantasy Flight Games gives a fairly precise release date of March 2023. Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game also seems to be made for future faction expansions and card packs.


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