With "Minecraft Heroes of the Village", Ravensburger announces a new board game for the whole family based on the world-famous video game phenomenon "Minecraft". Together the players want to defend a village from the attack of the enemy Illager.

Players explore the world together, collect blocks, construct buildings and fight against enemy mobs. Loyal to the players: animal companions with special abilities. Only if the players have built all three buildings before the Illager reach the village do they win the adventure. The board game is aimed at 2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up, and was created by Christian Fiore and Knut Happel. The costs are 34,99 euros.

Scalable entry into the Minecraft game world

The Illagers are already menacingly in sight of the village and are getting closer and closer, depending on the luck or bad luck of the dice. From the village, players explore the Minecraft world, collect blocks, construct buildings in the village and fight mobs.

Exactly two of these actions are available to you per turn: To discover and expand the Minecraft world, you draw world tiles from the face-down stack and place them. At the same time, the blocks shown on it are placed in a bag. If a player is then on a world tile, he may mine the coveted blocks - wood in forests, sand in deserts and stone in caves. To do this, he reaches into the bag and draws three blocks without looking inside. The player may only keep the matching blocks. If he accidentally draws a darkness block, things get really bad: mobs block the world tile from now on and thus the possibility of dismantling blocks there. But there's action three for that: fight the mobs – with dice. Did you roll the right number? The mob disappears and a reward block beckons from the bag. number missed? Then the mob just stubbornly stays where it is and you have to hope for the next round. With the fourth action, the players construct the three buildings. To do this, they must place the appropriate blocks in the village.

The closer the Illager get, the more Darkness Blocks go into the bag - and the chance of encountering mobs while collecting blocks increases. It's getting more dangerous. It is all the more important to plan the next sensible actions together.

Support comes from the animal companions that players choose at the beginning of the game. The fluffy panda, for example, even soothes the Illagers, who don't get close so quickly anymore. With the wolf, the combat strength against the mobs increases, and the cunning fox sniffs you out when collecting blocks. If all three buildings are completed before the Illagers reach the village, the players become heroes of the village.

"Minecraft Heroes of the Village" is suitable for the whole family with children from the age of seven and provides an easy introduction to the Minecraft game world with short game rounds. The player skins that can be combined in different ways, as well as different levels of difficulty for illagers and buildings, ensure lasting fun and plenty of variety.


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