Could a new Bomberman appear? Publisher and developer Konami revealed in an interview with Famitsu that they would at least like to make an announcement about the series - whether it will be a new offshoot of the series, a remaster or a mobile game? That remains to be seen. It is not yet known what the Bomberman announcement will be.

The Japanese games group stands for many popular brands on the games market: Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania - but also Bomberman. Konami has owned the rights since acquiring Hudson Soft, who originally conceived the game. The final commercial installment in the series is coming to Google Stadia this fall: Super Bomberman R Online. Now Konami is apparently about to release it again. From what exactly? This is uncertain. The publisher wants to reveal more "soon".

Bomberman: Bombing since 1983

Basically, things are relatively quiet around Konami in the games segment at the moment. There is primarily Pro Evolution Soccer, otherwise there is little more than nothing. That could change shortly, or at least Konami has plans to do something with the Bomberman franchise. In an interview with Famitsu, here translated by Gematsu, Konamis Noriaki Okamura announced that they would soon make an announcement related to Bomberman.

That’s not a lot of information. It remains completely open what Konami has in mind with the classic skill game of yore. A lot is conceivable: It could be a completely new offshoot from the Bomberman series, a remaster or port of an older title is also possible, Konami could also follow the current trend and bring Bomberman to the market as a mobile game. In times of streaming providers, even a series about the heroes is a completely realistic option.

Super Bomberman R Online for Google Stadia is the youngest part of the franchise:

That it will be a completely new title based on the Bomberman franchise is probably the most unlikely of all possible options. Overall, the brand has been quiet over the past ten years, with only a few Bomberman projects being implemented. The first title appeared in 1983, developed by Hudson Soft at the time.

Nevertheless, a new title is not impossible to revive the series. Incidentally, what Okamura meant by "soon" as a timeline is just as uncertain. It is possible that Konami will publish information about this at the beginning of the year. Until then, Bomberman fans will have to be patient.

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