In addition to numerous other innovations, Pegasus Games has also released new titles for successful game series around SPIEL'22. So fans of the abstract placement game Sagrada can be just as happy as those of crime thrillers. The Kids Fun series has also been strengthened with the fun game Katapult Fehde.

Katapult Feud by Kristian Fosh is the latest title in the Kids Fun series. The basis of the fun game for exactly two people from the age of six is ​​a well-tried principle: Fire with a catapult at the opposing castle. The last player with a figure standing wins. Katapult Fehde adapts this game principle to a fun two-person game that only lasts about 15 minutes per game.

A play mat provides the right support and two catapults, a total of eight projectiles and 32 wall parts to protect your own figures inspire enthusiasm in the children's room as well as in the living room and at parties. Anyone who knows how to set up their own wall sections in the best possible defensive position will gain an advantage. Action cards offer further opportunities for tactics, but luck also plays an important role in this fast-paced shooting competition, which is available at an RRP of EUR 34,99.

Deadly Dinner - Deadly Promise

With Deadly Dinner - Deadly Promise, the fourth part in the popular Deadly Dinner crime dinner series has already been released, which is particularly interesting for fans of smaller game groups. Four to six people aged 16 and over slip into the roles of bride and wedding guests in the latest part. Each of them is suspected of having murdered the bridegroom before the celebration has even really started.

Even if the previous parts are designed for larger groups of up to ten people, the basic game principle is always the same: the players each slip into a role for which information is provided on a character card. Depending on the role, their goal is to convict the perpetrator or to get away with the murder. The game runs over three rounds, each of which brings additional information.

Deadly Dinner is available from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of EUR 34,99. The three previous parts Killing Woodstock (seven to ten characters), Red Carpet to Perdition (six to eight characters) and The Last Rose (five to seven characters) are also available for the same price point.

Fans of the abstract family game Sagrada by Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews, which impresses with its impressive features, low barrier to entry and high replay value, can now look forward to an expansion. After Sagrada: Passion and Sagrada: Vita, Sagrada: Gloria is the third and final part of the "The Great Facades" expansions.

The eponymous cathedral Sagrada Familia is also the focus here. Sagrada: Gloria includes three modules that can be played individually or all together with the base game. The name of the "Zank" module says it all: new dice in a previously unused color come into play, for which special placement rules apply. The "Frills" module, on the other hand, supplements the game with secret order cards, and the "Role models" module adds "Role model" cards: These are openly displayed and reward those who first meet the requirements shown. Sagrada: Gloria is available for 24,99 euros RRP.


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