The two new Frosted Games products Flippermania and Clash of Cultures will appear shortly in time for Christmas, as announced by the publisher Pegasus Spiele, which will be the exclusive distributor for both titles.

With the Roll & Write game Flippermania, the excitement of the pinball tables is transported to the gaming table. On the other hand, players can look forward to an epic civilization game with around 350 miniatures with Clash of Cultures.

Pinball for up to four players

At the end of the 1970s there were around 240.000 pinball machines in operation in Germany. At that time they were an integral part of youth culture. Flippermania brings this feeling to the home gaming table. But quick reflexes are not required. Instead, players aged ten and over have one to four players to think about where their ball should go.

For this purpose, two dice are thrown in each round that represent the movement of the pinball ball. Now everyone can choose one of the two dice numbers and mark it on their game board. Your goal: to keep the ball in the game for as long as possible and collect points in the process. In the course of the game, the ball moves from top to bottom, over gondolas and bumpers and finally to the pinball fingers. If the end of the game matches the right moment, she can be catapulted up again and collect more points.

Flippermania is an atmospheric Roll & Write game by Geoff Engelstein, which will delight not only pinball but also all fans of entertaining, quickly played titles. Four different pinball tables with different levels of difficulty ensure variety and always new challenges. If you are not yet familiar with pinball terminology, you can look forward to a double-sided sheet that describes the history and functionality of pinball machines in more detail. Flippermania is available in stores and costs around 25 euros.

With the second Frosted Games novelty, Clash of Cultures, two to four players aged twelve and over can expect three to four hours of gaming fun. They embody one of 15 ancient civilizations that - starting with a single settlement - strive to develop their empire into a world power. Over six rounds they explore their surroundings, build impressive metropolises, develop technological and social advances and fight their enemies. Around 350 detailed miniatures of the buildings, units and wonders of the world make the gaming experience even more atmospheric.

Clash of Cultures is a 4X civilization game and appears in the Monumental Edition with the base game, the expansion and the promo civilization of the Aztecs. It is the first time that Christian Marcussen's game has been published entirely in German. In addition to new illustrations, players can also look forward to completely revised instructions and improved mechanisms. Clash of Cultures has already been sold out by the publisher, but will be available in specialist shops after it is published.

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