Edition Spielwiese is presenting the strong innovations from the two successful authors Wolfgang Warsch and Uwe Rosenberg at this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair, which will be available in Pegasus sales from February.

Difficult dating

The game subtext by Wolfgang Marsch is a communicative drawing game for the whole family, but also ideal for a party. In it all players have to draw clues about a term and then find out which person received the same term as the current dealer. What is particularly tricky here is that the correct pair gets more points the fewer players bet correctly. So you should try to get into the thoughts of your fellow players.

Photo: Pegasus Games

subtext contains almost 600 terms and thus ensures long-lasting fun. The author Wolfgang Marsch has already received various awards, including among others The quacks of Quedlinburg the award for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2018.

Puzzle game à la Cottage Garden to draw

After the puzzle trilogy (Cottage garden, Indian Summer and Spring Meadow) now appears Second Chance, another unique game with puzzle elements by cult author Uwe Rosenberg.

Second chance from Pegasus Games
Photo: Pegasus Games

The player draws a puzzle piece precisely on the present plan, which he chooses from the pieces on display. He wins when he has filled out his plan as completely as possible.

“With fast-paced rounds and new card combinations, Second Chance is an addicting puzzle and drawing game. "

Excerpt from the press release from Pegasus Spiele

Second Chance Like the games in the puzzle trilogy, it has a catchy mechanism and shows floral graphics. Thanks to a simple set of rules, you can start playing right away. The game can be played both solo and with up to 6 players.

More information is available at www.pegasus.de to find.

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