Pegasus Spiele publishes novelties for children and the whole family: After Fire & Stone, another family game by successful author Klaus-Jürgen Wrede was recently published by Pegasus Spiele with Raccoon Robbers. The magical world of children's games has also grown with Midnight Market.

The publisher Pegasus Spiele is launching further innovations in the field of board games for children and families. This time everything revolves around the time from dusk to midnight: Raccoon Robbers and Midnight Market can already be ordered.

dusk to midnight

Under the cover of twilight, wild gangs of raccoons go in search of food in the city: In Raccoon Robbers, two to four players, ages eight and up, use cards to let their raccoons climb up 3D houses and, if necessary, push the opposing bears out of the way. So much the better if more furry opponents tumble down and clear the way.

For daring jumps, the players get points with which they can move their raccoon boss, who is waiting in the yard. Whoever reaches the golden garbage can first with their own raccoon boss wins the entertaining family game, which impresses with fast moves, lots of interaction and charming raccoon illustrations by Dennis Lohausen. At the beginning of the year, a game by successful author Klaus-Jürgen-Wrede was published by Pegasus Games - Fire & Stone. In an interview with the Pegasus Games Blog, he reports on the development of the two family games.

Finally it's midnight market again! But the visit is only allowed to adult wizards and witches and, of course, ghosts. But only there are delicious treats, magical pets and the rare vanishing stars, which ghosts can use to make themselves invisible. Disguised as ghosts, the magic students cheat their way to the market. On your turn, you roll a color die and move any ghost of the corresponding color. At the beginning, however, the two to four players do not yet know which ghosts belong to their team and which to the teams of the other players, because the team numbers are hidden on the underside of the figures.

As soon as two ghosts meet at a booth, their identities are revealed and their team each receives a magic chip. If both ghosts are from a person's team, they receive two of the coveted chips accordingly. At the end of Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloß's eerily beautiful ghost memory game, these can lead to partial victory, because thanks to a three-part evaluation, more than one person can win. Midnight Market expands the popular Pegasus games Magic World of Magic to the Power of Three, Fabulantica, Mary Magica and Hexenhochhaus to include a title for children aged six and over and the whole family.


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